8 People To Gift A Beer Advent Calendar to Before Christmas

Advent calendars are a fun and easy way to count down the days until Christmas. The tradition of an Advent calendar goes all the way back to the 19th century when they were used by German Christians as a way to count down the days to Christmas. Today, you can find Advent calendars in many different shapes and sizes—from chocolate bars to in this instance, beer! With some help from Australian Gourmet Hampers, we’re sure to put you on the nice list with this one gift idea (that’s best to hand over on December 1, to get the holiday festivities going!).

If you’re wondering what to get your beer-loving friends as an early Christmas present, look no further. We’ve put together a list of 8 people who will love a beer advent calendar, to help them ease into the holiday season.

What Is a Beer Advent Calendar?

Leave the chocolates for the kids because this year, Australian Gourmet Hampers have crafted a grown-ups advent calendar to envy. Say hello to the Beer Advent calendar!

A delicious range of beers from some of Australia and New Zealand’s best craft breweries that are guaranteed to spark that ‘kid at Christmas’ joy!

So, what’s inside?

A delicious mix of 24 different beers from Australia and New Zealand including hazy IPAs, Pale Ales, Summer Ales, Draughts, Pacific Ale – the list goes on!

You know what’s in it, now it’s time to gift it…

1. The Beer Lover

Why not start with the obvious? The beer lover in your life will appreciate your thoughtfulness, and they’ll love that you took the time to choose a variety of beers for them. They’re likely not as picky about what kind of brews are in each door, because well, they love beer! 

2. The New-To-Beer Drinker

Like wine, beer can be an acquired taste, so those who recently joined the beer party may be a little unsure where their tastes lie. Gifting them a Beer Advent Calendar is a great way to introduce them to a range of beers and to help them wrap their head around the difference between an IPA and a Draught without committing to a six-pack!

3. The Seasonal Beer Drinker

Sometimes there’s nothing more refreshing than a cold beer on a hot day. For the person in your life who loves a cold one on a summer’s day, you really can’t go wrong.

4. The Creative Brewer

If you’ve got a friend who’s into craft beer, but not quite at the level of homebrewer yet (or even if they are), this is the perfect gift for them. They’ll appreciate the novelty of opening a new door each day and trying out a different beer. They’ll also be able to use it as inspiration when they’re making their own brews in the future. 

5. Your Partner

If your partner is a beer lover, this is the perfect gift. You could even make it extra special by pairing it with a personalised beer glass stubby holder. 

6. Your Brother

Buying a gift for the guy in your life who you both love and who drives you nuts can be a challenge, but a beer Advent calendar could be the perfect solution! Plus, he’ll be reminded every day of your kind gift, he may but in a little more inclined to put a bit more effort with your Christmas present this year.

7. Your Parents

What better way for your parents to chill out every evening than to share a beer in the lead-up to Christmas? Opening each door will remind them of how lucky they are to have such a thoughtful child like you!

8. Your Boss 

The last thing you want to do is offend your boss, but if you’re feeling confident that they’ll like the gift, then this can be a great way to get them something that shows how much you appreciate them.

Still on the fence? Australian Gourmet Hampers has a huge variety of Christmas hampers making them the perfect gift for anyone and everyone. You can check out their range here and get shopping today!

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