These Top Presents Were Our Editor's Favorite Holiday Gifts They Got as Children


Imagine: it’s Christmas morning – you’ve been hoping, praying, and wishing to get the toy of your dreams for months, and the time has finally come. You run to the tree in anticipation that it’s there and shake every box until you find the present you’ve been longing for. You pick which one you think it might be and plead with your parents to unwrap it. In the midst of wrapping paper being strewn about, you catch a glimpse of just what you had wished for – the toy of your dreams.

Almost everyone has had that one present from a Christmas long, long ago that stood the test of time as the best gift they’ve ever received. Lengthy letters were written to Santa with information about the exact make and model of the toy they wanted, while others slyly brought it up to their parents while commercials for it flashed across the TV screen. No matter when you grew up or what toy you got, you can probably still remember the joy you felt when you finally got your longed-for gift.

The editors at POPSUGAR can relate and have shared some of their favorite presents they’ve gotten during the holiday season. From a Happenin’ Hair Barbie for the scientist to a My Twinn Doll for the fraternal twin, these gifts will go down in history as the most thoughtful, exciting, and nostalgic presents of all. Keep reading to see what gifts captured our holiday-loving hearts.

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