The University Major That Fits You Best, According to Your Zodiac Sign

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Picking your major in college is a big, important decision. While many college students end up changing what they decide to study (I’ve been there!), trying to pick the best major from the start is helpful, especially if you want to go to graduate school or have to take a lot of specific classes to graduate with a certain degree.

If you’re not sure what major is best for you, that’s OK! You’re definitely not alone, and trying out different subjects to see what sparks your passions is a big part of what college is all about (you do not have to have it figured out right away). While you probably don’t want to think only about your zodiac sign when making that decision, using it as a starting point can be fun and informative! After all, if you follow your zodiac sign closely, you know that it can really speak to your personality to a tee. For the college major that fits you best based on your zodiac sign, read ahead.

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