These Are the Best ~Erotic~ Reading Sites for Women

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It may not be the most *literary* series out there, but there’s no denying the impact the 50 Shades trilogy had on the publishing industry — or, on what is most often referred to, the “mummy porn” arena.

Or, like some of us, you might’ve grown up in the deep worlds of fanfiction, searching on the depths of Tumblr for ‘Drarry’ or ‘Dramione’ stories, or maybe One Direction fanfiction was your poison of choice. Can you imagine just how many fics are going to pop off after Harry Styles’ nude scene for My Policeman?

Perhaps porn isn’t for you, and you do you girl (literally, that’s why we’re here). It can be problematic, especially when it comes to their depiction of women — or maybe you’re just looking for more plot in your life.

Whatever the case, POPSUGAR Australia is a helping hand when it comes to getting your rocks off (not literally, in this case). Female masturbation, and titillation, is important. Something else that’s important? Being in touch with your own sex drive and your own sexual preferences.

Here are the best erotic reading sites for women:


A classic in the soft-porn world, before Yahoo! took over the platform and erased all pornography. However, the fanfiction community and erotic writing communities on the site continue to thrive — you just need to know what to look for. Whether a trope, a fanbase, or even some good old #smut, it all exists on Tumblr.


The orange logo gives it away from a mile away — this is the place to go for fiction that’ll get you going. No wonder the storytelling platform has 90 million readers across the world.

In fact, this is where the Harry Styles fanfic After (which had over a billion reads) was born; it’s now a movie series that you can watch on Netflix. If you’re wondering if non-fiction Styles read it, no, but he hopes the fiction version “gets more than me”.

Archive of Our Own

This is another incredible plethora of self-published erotica, which is more commonly known by its acronym AO3. This one is all fanwork, but it’s not necessarily just fiction — there’s art, videos, podcasting and more.


The site may still be reminiscent of the early aughts (the bright blue logo and the silhouette of a naked woman), but the content is anything but. This is possibly the most comprehensive collection of erotic writing out there, with categories catering to every preference — and fetish.


Bellesa calls itself “the premier destination for all things female sexuality” — it’s by women, for women. Not only does it offer free and ethically sourced porn videos, but it boasts a range of intimate erotic stories, including lesbian, bisexual, gay, non-binary stories, and more.

Delta of Venus

If you’ve heard the name Delta of Venus before, that’s because it’s a collection of erotic short stories by famous author Anaïs Nin. Like the book, this site boasts a vintage feel. In fact, it calls itself the “highest-quality archive of vintage erotica on the web”.

The site has erotic writing through the ages, including full-length novels, short stories, or poetry. It does, however, require paid membership.

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