OK, Once and For All: What Is the Best Fabric For Bed Sheets?

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Are you looking to improve your sleeping situation? Then you should definitely invest in a set of good, quality bed sheets. While we might occasionally overlook their importance (what difference does it make, you might be asking), sheets made from the correct fabric can improve your sleeping drastically by controlling your temperature and helping you be more comfortable. Whether you’re looking to keep warm, have a cool night’s sleep, or prevent allergies, here are the best fabric options for your bed sheets.

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What’s the most popular fabric for bed sheets?

Cotton is the most popular fabric in the world, and has many good qualities which account for its popularity in garments, including bed sheets. It’s very durable, naturally soft, easy to wash, and has very good color retention. There are also several types of cotton (like Pima, Supima, and long-staple) so you can find a variety of sheets made of cotton, but if you’re looking for the most luxurious set of sheets you can get, you should opt for Egyptian cotton.

There are strict rules and regulations that protect the Egyptian cotton trademark to make sure all products made with the fabric are made of hand-picked cotton and therefore soft, breathable and a great moisture repellent.

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What is the best fabric for hypoallergenic sheets?

If you’re looking to buy some good quality hypoallergenic sheets, you have a couple of fabric options to choose from. The pricier option is silk, which is resistant to several allergens, including dust mites, and also naturally very soft and non-abrasive against the skin (and hair!). Like we said, though, they’ll be a splurge on the higher end of bed sheet pricing.

Another great option: a set of bamboo bed sheets. Bamboo plants are naturally resistant to the growth of microscopic organisms, have moisture-wicking abilities, and are incredibly soft and very durable. Really what else could you want?

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What is the best fabric for sheets if you’re always hot?

If you tired of breaking out in a sweat every night, percale sheets can change the game for you. Percale is either made of pure cotton or cotton blended with other fabrics like silk or satin. Sheets made out of the material are naturally very crisp and make for an easier, more comfortable sleep.

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What is the best fabric for sheets if you’re always cold?

Looking for the coziest sleep of your life? Then your best bets are fleece or flannel. Fleece is thicker than other fabrics due to its knitting process, helping to preserve your body heat while you’re in bed – a perfect choice for winter. Flannel, on the other hand, is a brushed fabric made out of cotton that’s very comfortable and a great insulator. Sheets made of flannel are a great option year-round because they can keep you both warm in winter and cool during summer.

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