Where to Buy Filters For Face Masks in Australia

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Face masks are an easy way to help protect you and those around you. Popping a filter into your reusable fabric face mask can also help increase this protection. Filters need to be replaced regularly so it helps to buy these in bulk so you always have a few on hand to put into the filter pocket in your mask.

Face masks are rarely sold with the filter inside, so you’ll need to buy this seperately. If you’re on the hunt for filters, these are some of the best on the market that you can purchase within Australia.

Bondi Air Co

Bondi Air Co sells PM2.5 (particular matter 2.5) filters which offer a high degree of protection and lower inhalation resistance than other filters. The name of these filters refers to the smallest and most dangerous form of air pollution and these babies have been shown to filter out this particulate matter. A 10-pack costs $19.95.


Designed to block at least 95 percent of all very small particles, these N95 filters from Melbourne-based not-for-profit social enterprise, SisterWorks. Pop into your reusable mask and you’re good to go! A 10-pack of filters costs $10.

Clear Collective

Australian brand Clear Collective sells filters for a number of face mask types, including adult masks, children’s masks and sport masks. A 10-pack of filters from Clear Collective costs $49.95 and it’s recommended to replace these filters after seven days of use.

Delfina Sport

The Activated Carbon 5 Layer Filter from Delfina Sport is, as the name suggests, is made from activated carbon and non-woven melt-blown filter cloth and include a five-layer filter system that effectively keeps away fine particles as well as other airborne contaminants. A 10-pack costs $15.

Dick Smith

The Replacement Filters for Washable & Reusable Face Mask comes in a pack of 40 filters for just $9.99. This extremely budget-friendly option can be popped into your fabric mask and helps to protect you against germs and bacteria. Like the previous filters, these ones filter out PM2.5 to ensure your safety.

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