Five Hangover Cures That Actually Work, From a Former Bartender

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It’s officially festive season and after dreaming about drinking cocktails with family and friends for literally two years, I think it’s pretty safe to say that we won’t be going light on party mode.

We deserve it. But we don’t deserve the inevitable hangover that will come later, due to the many festive cocktails we will likely consume. Furthermore, we’re out of practice. Our party stamina is not what it was pre-COVID, and we need some hangover hacks to help us get through party season.

Well don’t worry, I got you. Having worked in cocktail bars for years in a previous life, I know a thing or two about beating the dreaded hangover.

Here are five hangover cures that actually work:

Go For a Bike Ride

I know it sounds weird, but this actually works. I have no idea how or why, but I promise you; you could be lying on your bathroom floor one minute but, as soon as you hop on that bike, the nausea and headache will go away.

I found this cure by fluke one day when I was disgustingly hungover and had to get up early to work a double shift. At the time, my bike was my only mode of transport and I was dreading the ride to work in the summer sun. I got on my bike, all wobbly at the knees and unsettled in the tum and I kid you not, 50 metres down the road I stopped feeling hungover. I’ve done it many times since, and it works, every time.

Whether it’s a combination of the fresh breeze and exercise, or whether it’s pure psychological I don’t know. Just try it.

Absinthe on Ice

This cure was also by chance. I went to a bar on my break, during a shift where I was extremely hungover, and the bartender gave me a shot of cold absinthe on ice. As I looked at it, I could feel my insides squirm, but I was in no position to not try. So, I took a sip. My stomach instantly felt better. My hangover started to physically calm down.

People often think of absinthe and think of hectic, hardcore alcohol that gives you hallucinations. I get the stigma, but you have to drink A LOT to get that physical reaction. One shot won’t do much.

Absinthe is actually medicinal. Its key ingredient is Artemisia absinthium, aka Wormwood, which is literally named for its ability to kill and expel intestinal worms from the human body. Absinthe actually derived from traditional health tonics, designed to help with digestion. It’s great for anyone experiencing acid reflux, heartburn, constipation or, extreme hangovers.

Just make sure you sip it, don’t shot it. It’s pretty high in ABV, so this is really only a cure if you’re not planning on driving.

Coca-Cola With Lemon

Bubbly, sweet, caffeinated… need I say more? I barely ever drink coke, which is why I think it works for me when I’m hungover.

Eat Food As Soon As You Wake Up

Everyone’s hangover is different, but usually, if I have a bad hangover, as soon as I wake up I’m super nauseous. The last thing I feel like doing is eating. But trust me, it always fixes everything.

People say that greasy food is the best for hangovers, and I agree to a certain extent. For example, yes, a burger fixes everything, but not in fast food burger forms like Hungry Jacks or McDonald’s. They have their place, but I always find that they make me feel sluggish and super full, which makes me feel worst.

I always opt for a healthy burger from Grill’d, or even a packet of frozen oven-baked chips from the supermarket which some grilled fish. If you wake up super early, toast with Vegemite (or anything salty, halloumi is another good option) will do the trick. Just don’t convince yourself that you can’t eat. You can, and it will fix you.

Take a Multi-Vitamin Before Bed

It’s always a good idea to have something like Berocca stocked up at home at all times. When you get home from a night out — and you have an inkling that you’ll be hungover tomorrow — have an effervescent multivitamin (like Berocca) with water before you go to bed. I don’t know what it does, but magically, I never have bad hangovers when I remember to do this.

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