Want a Better Orgasm? There's an App For That

Stocksnap / Bruce Mars

Looking to spice up your masturbation routine? As the old saying goes: There’s an app for that. In addition to providing you with content made with your pleasure in mind, many of these apps explore paths to growth, self-exploration, and personalised insights. Compared to more traditional porn websites that often leave women behind, these apps are focused on the pleasure of vulva owners and include content that is ethically made. Many of the apps are built with expert input and combine sexual wellness with sexual content, making your masturbation routine more mindful. Whether you want to access educational resources to learn more about your body and what you enjoy, connect with experts who can answer personal questions, address reservations and challenges you might have with intimacy, or simply find the best inspiration for your alone time, the apps on this list have a lot to offer.

No matter what you’re into or what you’re looking for, there’s a masturbation app on this list that can help switch up your routine or teach you something new. Have fun!

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