Your Guide to the Best Non-Alcoholic Drink Options, From Refreshing Fake Gins to Faux Pink Bubbly

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While it might seem like your feeds are suddenly being bombarded with glistening glasses of faux-sé, and gorgeously-coloured mixers, the non-alcoholic drink industry has been around for years. However, with more and more exciting alcohol-free beverage options on the market, and more companies investing in stylish branding, sleek bottles, and quality flavours, making the decision to go teetotal has become far more mainstream.

There are many reasons why people opt out of having an alcoholic beverage, every single one as valid as the next. But regardless of why you abstain, the reality has been that often your only beverage to choose from was water, soda, or a lemonade with a wilted piece of mint drowning in a kid’s glass. Now, with the invention of 0% gins, tequilas, vermouth, and wines, the option of having the same exciting, “adult” flavours, is on the table.

Ultimately, the n/alc industry thrives on inclusivity: on everyone being able to experience the same elegance, innovation and care that is often applied to alcoholic drinks – except in a format that is welcoming for all. We’ve made a list of our alcohol-free picks for those wanting to drink a little differently, with a range of drinks that will surely be on your next dinner-party menu.

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