7 Hot Oral Sex Positions That Are Actually Comfortable

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For some people, receiving and performing oral sex in any form – cunnilingus, fellatio, or anilingus – is irresistible. It’s intimate, it’s hot, and it offers some (especially people with clitorises) a quicker path to orgasm. Not to mention, the tongue is an incredibly powerful muscle, capable of intensely stimulating some of the body’s most sensitive parts. The catch? So many default oral sex positions feel uncomfortable to be in for long periods of time. A little dramatic, sure, but have you tried 69ing as the partner on top? It’s a lot of work! Lesser-known comfortable oral sex positions do, in fact, exist to allow both you and your partner to feel supported and free to soak in every satisfying bodily sensation instead of worrying you’ll crush your partner if your arms give out.

Before you worry that “comfortable” is synonymous with “vanilla,” rest assured the oral sex positions below are as hot and fun as they are easy on your body. Plus, if you’re a little less focused on sex gymnastics and more focused on feeling stimulated, it’s likely you’ll reach orgasm quicker than you think – not to mention, you’ll have more energy to keep sexy time going even longer.

Oral Sex Position: Sideways 69

In the typical 69 sex position, one partner lies on their back, while the other partner hovers over them with their body facing the opposite way. This may work for short stints, but if you say your arms never get tired from supporting yourself, you’re probably lying. The Sideways 69 sex position, however, offers both parties all the good parts of 69ing, minus the strain. For this oral sex position, both partners face each other and lie on their sides, with one partner’s head in line with the other’s genitals and vice versa. From here, both partners can go down on each other simultaneously.

Oral Sex Position: Sitting Pretty

Use the edge of the bed or a comfy chair to your advantage: have oral sex while sitting down. For this oral sex position, the receiver should sit as far to the edge of a comfortable surface as they can, and the giver will perform oral while sitting back on their knees, using their partner’s hips as an anchor if necessary. This position allows the receiving partner to maintain full support of their body, and it allows the partner performing oral to spread their body weight across their legs instead of just their knees.

Oral Sex Position: Classic Horizontal Oral

A classic oral sex position you can’t go wrong with is one in which the receiver lies on their back, while the giver lies on their stomach, with their head at their partner’s pelvis. For added leverage, the giver can wrap their arms around their partner’s upper thighs, or for added stimulation, the giver can use a free hand to finger their partner or tease their partner’s nipples. Regardless, both partners’ bodies are fully supported on the bed at all times.

Oral Sex Position: The Kivin Method

The Kivin method, or sideways oral, is one of the more underrated oral sex positions, in my opinion. Not to be confused with Sideways 69, the Kivin method involves the receiver lying on their back, bending one leg at the knee and bring it up toward them. The giver lies perpendicular to their partner, placing their head at their partner’s genitals (under their bent leg). Given the angle, this position reportedly gives way for even more stimulation and pleasure for clitoris owners.

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Oral Sex Position: Tummy Time

In this oral sex position, similar to doggy style, both partners lie on their stomachs, with the giving partner’s head between their partner’s legs at their pelvis. This is a solid position for anilingus, but for a slightly better angle, especially if the receiving partner has a vulva and clitoris, slide a pillow underneath the receiving partner’s pelvis to elevate it and allow the giver an easier reach.

Oral Sex Position: Modified Face Sitting

Sitting on someone’s face sounds incredibly hot at face value, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have a slight fear of suffocating my partner if my legs get uncomfortable, or vice versa. Modified face sitting is a slightly easier solution. For this, the giving partner should lie on their back, with their upper body propped up at an angle using a couple pillows. The receiving partner should then comfortably mount their partner’s face, using the bed frame or wall in front of them as a balance. This should, ideally, require less squatting on the receiver’s part.

Oral Sex Position: T-Stand

Standing sex positions can easily be adapted for oral sex in a way that doesn’t involve one partner digging their knees into the hard ground. Instead, especially if you have a mattress that’s lower to the ground, try what I call the T-Stand, an oral sex position in which you and your partner will form a sideways capital T. The giver should lie on their back with their head at the very end of the bed’s corner, while the receiver faces the bed and stands over their partner’s head. From this position, the receiver can easily lean over and tease and pleasure their partner during sex.

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