Would You Wear a Black Wedding Dress? These 7 Celebrity Brides Did


It’s commonly thought that brides have traditionally worn white to symbolise virtue and purity. While this is historically true, specifically within the Roman Republic, white wedding dresses were also a symbol of wealth, of cleanliness and elegance.

But now, living in a society that is much less bound to traditional symbolism, the brides of today love to think outside the box, wearing dresses of differing lengths and colours.

This got us thinking of black wedding dresses. The complete opposite of white, black is apparently the most searched wedding dress colour on Google. And while we haven’t seen too many black wedding dresses in pop culture yet, that could all be about to change.

Black wedding dresses are slowly making a comeback. With more and more Australian brands, including Kyha Studios, who are known for their bridal pieces, designing with more black in their collections, we predict it’s only a matter of time before we start to see more brides in black.

However, the topic remains a divisive one. How would you feel about wearing a black wedding dress?

To help you answer the question, we’ve pulled together a list of seven celebrities that have worn iconic black looks on their wedding day.

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