A Bloody Important Conversation: Why We Need Period Products in Our Workplace Bathrooms


Folks, period products shouldn’t be luxury products. They need to be a fundamental human right. When you walk into your work each day, they should be super accessible to score. Period products need to be office staples and have the same vibe as a roll of toilet paper.

However, despite the fact that a lot of people menstruate, a lot of offices don’t provide their workforce with period items. According to Eloise Hall, the Co-Founder of TABOO Period Products, this dissonance causes disruption.

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Her company’s research has denoted that in the last year, 96% of menstruating workers were caught needing a period product at their workplace, but didn’t have one on them. Additionally, 42% of menstruators have had to leave work as a direct result of not being able to access these goods.

“In an economic sense, this lack of product provision can cost workplaces significant time in productivity,” said Hall in an interview. “In a social sense, workers are experiencing embarrassment, discomfort, anxiousness, panic, shame, and annoyance when they don’t have access to period products in the workplace.”

Yet, instead of getting discouraged, Hall and TABOO decided to do something about this issue. They created the Bloody Important Conversation campaign. 

What Is the Bloody Important Conversation?

The Bloody Important Conversation is a website that allows workers to anonymously tell their workplace that they’d like free period products to be available on-premises. All you have to do is submit your employer’s name, your workplace’s name, and your employer’s email address. Once this is done, TABOO will handle the rest. They might even hook your company up with a period product dispenser.


According to Eloise Hall, she’s super proud of this campaign and what it means for Aussie workplaces.

Hall said, “Finally, workers have an opportunity to have this conversation with their boss, and don’t have to feel shame or uncertainty about the response they might receive. Employers I’ve spoken to have also commended the design of the campaign, because they are able to receive more frequent and honest feedback from their staff.”

If your workplace doesn’t offer period products to its staff, please follow the link here.

If you have decision-making capabilities in your work, and believe that period products should be accessible to your staff, then TABOO’s Period Care packages are here.

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