What Having a Cardinal Sign in Your Birth Chart Means in Astrology

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Have you noticed that some zodiac signs have similar qualities? That’s because each sign falls under a certain modality: cardinal, fixed, mutable. These archetypes represent similar ways of expressing, directing, and responding to energy. Cardinal signs are the innovators and idea havers who aren’t afraid to take initiative on their goals.

What Are Cardinal Signs in Astrology?

Think of the three modalities as acts of a story. Cardinal signs introduce the idea, fixed signs bring it to life and add depth to the plot, and mutable signs sift and adapt through the changes of each act. The cardinal signs in astrology are Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn, each of which represents a new beginning.

Since cardinal signs kick off a seasonal change, they’re the trendsetters and go-getters of the zodiac signs. If you’re a cardinal sign, you’re likely an innovator full of big ideas, and it’s important for you to take charge and have the freedom to express them. However, just because you take action on your goals doesn’t mean you’re good at following through with them. Oftentimes, you can get so swept up in your ideas that you abandon them at the start if they aren’t supported by others.

Even if your sun sign isn’t a cardinal sign, the modalities can still affect your chart. Since modalities focus on the expression of energy, it’s worth looking at your Mars sign, which discerns your aggression and impulses. If your Mars sign happens to fall under the cardinal modality, congrats! Not only do you get a lot done with your entrepreneurial mindset, but your vibrant ideas can inspire others to take initiative, too.

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