Beyoncé Is a Fan, and Now Artist CJ Hendry Is Bringing an Epic Australiana Exhibit to Brisbane


If you’ve ever dropped everything to embark on an Instagram-fueled wild goose chase around your city, all in an effort to score an original artwork as part of her annual “treasure hunt”, then you must be a fan of CJ Hendry.

You wouldn’t be the only one though — the Australian artist has a notable fan base in high-profile celebs Kayne West, Beyoncé, and Pharell, as well as a 564,000 following on Instagram.

Currently in Australia, CJ is set to hold her first-ever solo Australian exhibition, and it’s good news for Brisbanites. She’s heading off on a treasure hunt-style tour of Australia, dropping a number of custom road signs in iconically Australian settings as part of her latest work ‘STRAYA’. Each sign is adorned with slang you’ll recognise, like ‘Your Mate’, ‘Noice’ and ‘Slip, Slop, Slap’.

The intention behind these signs is to highlight the beauty of our country in a time when many Australian’s can’t return home. It also encourages those of us who are lucky enough to be here to hit the road and see more of it. It works, we’re feeling the wanderlust already…

CJ is dropping a total of 60 signs from Perth to Broome, and then all across the East Coast from May 10 to May 20. You can follow her movements on her Instagram and gather tips about where they’re located!

Part two of the work is a CJ-designed card game designed to honour the Australian vernacular. It’s called ‘STRAYA – SLANGUAGE’. The complete work, featuring elements of the above ventures, will then be on exhibition in Brisbane from May 21 to May 23. The secret location will be disclosed on May 20, and a gold coin donation is all that’s required to view the exhibit.

Here, you’ll find life-sized STRAYA SLANGUAGE drawings, big and small works, and there may or may not be 500 tons of sand filling the space (read: wear thongs!). Eyes peeled for more.

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