Procrasti-bake Smarter With These DIY Cookie Decorating Hacks

Ever heard of procrasti-baking? Well, now you have.

Procrasti-baking is my favourite forms of procrastination. Why? Because you have not wasted time if an incredible batch of cookies has come out of it.

Through break-ups, through waiting for a reply from a date you went on last night, through fights with friends and through the days leading up to an assignment being due… we’re all tempted by procrastination. But the worst, is when procrastinating makes you feel guilty.

Like when you’ve somehow ended up on YouTube for two whole hours, or you’ve watched an entire season of a TV show that taught you nothing – that’s when the guilt sets in.

But we shouldn’t feel guilty, because everyone procrastinates. We’ve just got to be smart about it. My answer to this conundrum is: cookies.

Making the perfect cookie is literally art, but you actually don’t even need to be a skilled baker to make them look incredible.

Here are some hot tips on how to make the most beautiful cookies that all your family, friends and even you will forget about your daily dramas.

Buy some cute cookie cutters

Every artist needs a canvas, and in this case, some cute cookie cutters. Our favourite cookie cutter/decorator brand is to buy from is Lulu + Stone, which make embosser cookie cutters and they’re gorge. Their products are locally designed and manufactured in Melbourne, by an award-winning cake decorator and graphic designer – so you literally can’t go wrong.

The cookie cutter shapes are simple, but definitely not commonly seen. Our favourites are the hearts, the arches and the hexagons. They give us this cute leadlight window vibe but with pastels… and we’re here for it.

Use cookie stamps

Look honestly, this is a new thing for us. Cookie stamps are life-changing.

They’re exactly as they sound; a stamp for your cookie. So basically, you make your fondant icing, roll it out on the bench and stamp it with the array of cute cookie stamp options on Lulu + Stone. Then you cut it with your cookie cutter and stick it on top of your cookie.

There’s everything from cute typography and messages, to hand-drawn pictures of lovers, vintage cars, shells… there’s something for everyone and every occasion.

You can find all the cookie stamps here.

Find a simple shortbread recipe

Shortbread cookies are by far the easiest and most delicious cookie recipe to create, especially good if you’re just starting out in your procrasti-baking career. They also stay together the best when you’re fiddling around with fun cutters and stamps.

You can find a good, simple recipe here.

Use fondant icing

Fondant icing is the only way. It’s clean, aesthetic and simply delicious. It’s kind of like dough, so you can roll it out on the bench and cut it into whatever shapes you want to go on top. Fondant icing is the key to making your cookies look cafe-worthy.

You can find a simple recipe here.

You’re ready. Happy procrasti-baking chickies!

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