Cotton On Is Championing Self-Pleasure With Its New Self-Love Range

Cotton On

Fact: Self-pleasure is self-care, and similarly to how we look after our minds and bodies with moments of meditation and pampering, so should we be connecting to our bodies and indulging in our sexual desires with moments of self-pleasure. 

It’s an ongoing piece of work; normalising masturbation in women and removing the taboo around conversations of sexual pleasure, but it’s a mission shared by many, and more recently, a number of new brands and existing companies have voiced their empowered support for sex-positivity too. 

Cotton On is the latest brand to introduce sexual wellness products. The retail giant with a range of vibrators, lubricants and massage oils. The launch of the new Self-Love range came somewhat quietly, just before Valentine’s Day, and it’s been receiving praise online.

With Cotton On stores all around the country, and a seamless, easy check-out experience online, no one can deny Cotton On is making the experience of buying a first or 15th sex toy a lot easier. 

But despite being accessible and affordable (vibrators start from $64.95), the experience is not yet perfect. Some users online have noticed that the products in the self-pleasure range are named after male professions — there’s The Frenchman and The Fireman, for example. 

Users online have pointed out that the names of the devices aren’t entirely inclusive of LGBTQIA+ lovers, and might reinforce the notion that men are part and parcel with vagina owners experiencing pleasure. But of course, this is not the case. People with vulvas are more than capable of finding their own sexual satisfaction.

Still, Cotton On’s Self-Love range is absolutely a move in the right direction, and should you be interested, you can shop the range right here

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