Can a Crystal Sex Toy Really Revolutionise Your Sex Life?

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Many of us are familiar with the healing benefits of crystals – we might even carry one in our pocket or place them around our home. Crystals are believed to help us heal, boost our confidence, and enhance our intuition, and some can even bring us good luck. But what if we directed all of that sacred energy into our sex lives, too? In a new era where we are being more mindful about how we work, how we live, and what we consume, could crystal sex toys be the missing piece in our wellness routine?

For years, sex educators in the conscious wellness space have been encouraging us to explore the profound emotional, physical, and spiritual healing qualities of crystal sex toys. And from euphoric orgasms to womb healing, who can blame them? So this week, I got deep into conversation with two of my go-to sex educators, Rosie Rees and Amy White. As coaches, educators, and business owners who are guiding people to reclaim their sensuality, we chat through their experiences with ditching the vibrator and going au natural.

What Is Conscious Pleasure?

“I learned about the Jade Yoni Egg in Bali in 2014 when I was over there doing my Kundalini yoga training,” Rosie Rees tells POPSUGAR. Rees is one of Australia’s leading sex educators, teaching women all over the world how to access the power of their pleasure. “For me, the experience was so incredibly healing. It was the first time I had ever touched that part of my body in a self-care way. Not in a sexual way. Not needing to give pleasure to someone else. Not needing to get sexual pleasure, orgasm, validation, attention, or affection off of someone else. It was just me, connecting to my yoni, in this gentle, loving way.”

The concept of conscious pleasure is prominent within wellness communities, where the focus is about reclaiming the sacred connection to our vagina in a slow, mindful way. Being conscious means we are being present in the current moment; acknowledging the mind-body-spirit connection and using our sensual energy to embody the whole essence of our being. Conscious pleasure is an intentional, deeply therapeutic practice that can help us to reframe our perspective on pleasure – and shifting the shame, blame, and guilt that may have been placed upon us by education, upbringing, and societal conditioning.

“I first discovered crystal sex toys when I was going through a period of conscious celibacy,” Amy White, a UK-based sex educator, coach, and owner of Temple of the Feminine, explains. “I started my sexual healing journey and was relearning how to be with my body again and undo some of the unconscious patterning I had around sex and self pleasure. Crystal wands and eggs provided me with an alternative tool to connect to my yoni and pleasure in ways I might not have been able to access alone without the artificial stimulation of vibrations”.

Ditching the classic silicone vibrator is something both Rees and White mentioned throughout our conversations on conscious pleasure, explaining that crystal toys offered a much more expansive, full-body orgasmic experience, rather than a quick clitoral fix.

Crystal Toys and Their Benefits

“A conscious crystal practice is a transformational tool that allows us to reconnect with ourselves.”

For Rees, that experience in Bali completely revolutionised her sex life. “I cannot tell you how different my sex life became. I became more orgasmic, more connected to that part of my body. I released trauma through working with the Jade Egg. I would be having these internal G-spot orgasms. Everything changed – I felt so much more sensation than ever before.” Upon returning and deepening her practice, Rees created Yoni Pleasure Palace, an educational platform that guides women to explore their sacred sensuality with natural toys. She has now pioneered a whole movement, releasing toys in materials such as curved glass and wood, too.

So what are the physical benefits? “Walking around with the egg inside you can help to strengthen and nourish the pelvic floor by bringing more blood flow and more muscle tone,” Rees details. “It can prevent incontinence and prolapse down the track. It enhances natural lubrication, which is fantastic for women who have hit menopause.”

Each crystal possesses their own unique benefits and molecular composition, so through these toys, we can opt for a healing experience that caters specifically to our own needs and desires. White, who sells ethically sourced toys on her online store, Temple of the Feminine, recommends starting with something gentle and nourishing, like a rose quartz.

“I just have to reiterate how beautiful they are,” White says, “as someone who was recovering from sexual trauma and had often lived sex through a male perspective, to have something so feminine looking, soft, and pretty, it felt solely for me. Like sex and pleasure was something that could belong just to me and just for me. That was really profound.”

Ultimately, I realised it’s more than just the crystals themselves – it’s a lot deeper than that. Reclaiming our pleasure is reclaiming our power, and a conscious crystal practice is a transformational tool that allows us to reconnect with ourselves.

“Something I talk a lot about is the slow, self-pleasure revolution,” Rees adds. “Using a crystal wand is a beautiful, therapeutic experience that takes away the goal of having a clitoral orgasm. Instead, you create the intention of just feeling into the body.”

Full Moon Cleansing

So, for those of us that are ready to take our pleasure practice to new heights, it’s important to know that creating monthly rituals under the full moon will amplify the experience. “Cleansing your crystal is a ritual to clear the energy. And charging the crystal infuses it with the fresh energy of your intention,” White says.

Each month, under the full moon, leave your crystal toy on the window sill to absorb all that lunar light. The next day, hold your crystal to your heart, and speak your words of intention to it. What do you need it to bring into your life? How can your toy support you this month? Once you’ve charged your crystal with your intention, it’s ready to be used.

Rees’s favourite crystal toy of the moment is the Florence Wand, carved from Pink Aventurine and available at her shop Yoni Pleasure Palace. White shares that her most popular product for intentional healing is the Rose Quartz Honey Bee, available at her shop Temple of the Feminine.

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