6 Crystals to Help You Survive This Mercury Retrograde

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If you’ve ever vetted a Tinder match by analysing their entire birth chart or even simply scrolled through a few astrological videos on your TikTok FYP, chances are you know about Mercury retrograde. In 2022, Mercury retrograde will first occur May 10 through June 2. This chaotic time is caused by the illusion that Mercury is moving backward in its orbit, which is what we observe from Earth. Though that backward movement isn’t actually happening, a lot of wild things tend to take place during Mercury retrograde.

According to certified Reiki Master and crystal healer Athena Bahri, events like an ex-partner sliding into your DMs, major communication issues, and technological problems are all common occurrences during Mercury retrograde. “The planet Mercury governs all things communication – from conversations to methods of communication,” Bahri tells POPSUGAR. “Devices like computers, tablets, and phones tend to crash during a retrograde, so be sure to back them up before it starts. Likewise, triple check any messages or emails before sending to be sure you’ve fixed any typos and gotten the message across that you’ve intended.”

In order to combat these issues or mitigate them before they get worse, Bahri recommends focusing on your own healing and goals. “When Mercury goes retrograde, this is a time when the past revisits, giving us an opportunity to heal old wounds, revisit past inspirations and goals, and learn from past efforts so we can move forward clear in our heart of what is for our highest good,” she explains. One of her biggest recommendations to combat the potential struggles of Mercury retrograde? Crystals. “Crystals hold ancient knowledge and energy from our dear Mother Earth,” Bahri says. “Keeping crystals close to us, whether as jewellery, kept under our pillows, or tucked into our pocket or bra, brings our energy into alignment with the vibration and frequency of our chosen crystals.”

If you’re into all things witchy and metaphysical, you’ve most likely kept some rose quartz in your bra or cleansed your aura with selenite before. But do you know which crystals best protect your precious energy during this chaotic time? Read on to check out Bahri’s expert recommendations for the best crystals for Mercury retrograde.

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