These Are the 14 Most Popular Names For December Babies

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I don’t know about you, but I’ve always been jealous of people with birthdays in December. I love Christmas, and I honestly couldn’t think of anything better than having your birthday during the holiday season.

The most popular December baby names are very appropriately Christmas-themed, which makes total sense — it’s truly hard to think about anything else in the festive lead-up.

So, let’s just say this list is going to be a bit of a throwback to primary school religion lessons. Here are the most popular December baby names of 2021.


We love this name. Can’t you just imagine someone stunning having the name Ivy? The name Ivy comes from the name of the ivy plant, which got its name from the Old English word ifig. It’s got somewhat festive imagery attached to it, as there’s often ivy in Christmas decorations, such as table settings and wreaths.


I wonder if parents who call their December babies Nico even realise that it’s basically a neo Nick. We all know that Santa Claus was derived from Saint Nicholas — or Nick — so we’re sure this is no coincidence. Nico is an Italian name, that is actually their version of the Greek name; Nicholas.


Not going to lie, I’ve always secretly wanted to be called Olive. It could be because one of my favourite characters from a childhood book was called Olive, or maybe just because I really love olives, but I’ve always thought of it as such an effortlessly cool name. It’s gender-neutral, which we love, and also the name of one of Drew Barrymore’s daughters so it must be fab.


The name Scarlett actually originated as an occupation surname; the title of a person who sold scarlet, which was a luxury wool cloth produced in Medieval Europe. It also means red, which is the universal colour of Christmas (and love). Given its close link to the colour red, we often associate Scarlett’s with seductive, beautiful and sometimes promiscuous women. Right up our alley, TBH.


Those of you who went to a Christian school know all about the angel Gabriel, responsible for telling the Virgin Mary that she would give birth to Jesus. Safe to say, Gabriel has a significant role in the religious meaning of Christmas. It’s also just a lovely name. It can belong to any gender, which is lovely, and can be shortened to things like Gabe, Gabby, Gab, Gabs.


Buon Natale actually means Merry Christmas in Italian and that’s where the name “Natalia” comes from. The world Natalia, translates to “birthday [of the Lord]”, and originates from the Latin language. Because it refers so directly to the birth of Jesus Christ, there are many related forms, including the French Natalie, Portuguese Natalina, and Russian diminutive Natasha.


I mean, this one is self-explanatory. Noelle is the feminine variation of Noël, a masculine given name derived from the French word for “Christmas.” All I can hear is that Christmas carol “Nooo-elleeee, Nooo-elle, born is the King of Issssraeeelll”. If you didn’t go to a Catholic primary school and have no idea what I’m talking about, I’m truly sorry. Gorgeous name, though. I knew a Noelle once, and we all called her Elle.


Estelle actually means “star” in French, and we all know that the shepherds followed the star to Bethlehem to find baby Jesus…. or maybe we don’t, and that’s okay. Stars are one of the most beautiful creations of the world. They unify us and keep us connected.


Christmas Eve is arguably better than Christmas Day, right? Eve is actually the Hebrew word for “life” and is the oldest name ever written. Eve was the first woman to ever be created on Earth, but despite being the oldest name in the book, it’s stayed very much in style.


You might be surprised to learn that Mary is actually an Egyptian or Hebrew name that means “drop of the sea, bitter, or beloved”. Mary is the English form of Maria, which ultimately was derived from the Hebrew name Maryam/Mariam. Obviously, the name Mary is at the centre of the Christmas story, as she gave birth to Jesus which is the whole reason we celebrate December 25!


We adore this name! It holds so much mystery, and it’s so feminine and soft, while also remaining gender-neutral. Neve means “snow” in both Italian and Portuguese.


Faith is a beautiful name, that has clear ties to spirituality or simply the belief that everything is the way it’s meant to be.


Joseph is the other ‘parent’ of Jesus and therefore, quite a popular December baby name. In the New Testament, he is the name of the carpenter husband of the Virgin Mary, who is the mother of Christ. Joseph is still a popular name, however, Joe and Joey are common nicknames for Joseph, and Josephine is the feminine version.


It doesn’t get more quintessentially Christmas than a sprig of holly!

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