These DIY Sunflower Skeletons Scream Halloween, and I Want a Whole Garden Full of Them

Beejay Oslon

In today’s badass Halloween decoration news, these DIY sunflower skulls are bone-chillingly beautiful, and I need a whole garden full of them ASAP. Handcrafted by Oregon artist and brewery owner Beejay Oslon, the spooky flowers are simply made of “cheap plastic skulls,” hot glue, paint, fake moss material, and artificial sunflowers.

“I was inspired to start making my own Halloween decorations last year after finding a Facebook group called ‘Halloween DIY Projects,'” Beejay told POPSUGAR via email. “The skull flowers themselves came to me when I was shopping all the after-Halloween sales . . . That night I started slicing up plastic skulls and knew they were going to be great.”

“Collect a variety of sizes of skulls and flowers and see which will fit well together.”

Rather than purchasing decorations at a store, Beejay got to work sanding, cleaning, priming, and painting the skulls, which will ultimately become part of a larger Halloween project featuring a skeleton gardener and custom watering can. “In all, the flowers pictured cost about $100 to make, but that’s largely because the large sunflowers themselves were $15 a pop, which was already half off. You could easily do this at a smaller scale for a few bucks worth of dollar store finds.”

If you are looking to re-create these strangely beautiful skulls for yourself, Beejay recommends plenty of patience. “Collect a variety of sizes of skulls and flowers and see which will fit well together,” he said. “Take your time with the prep work . . . I actually had to learn how to make a mold and cast the plastic for those skulls, which took a bunch of research and way more time than I had intended to spend on this, but in the end I’m glad I didn’t rush it.” Take a closer look at the awesome sunflower skulls ahead.

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