Elle Ferguson Says That Staying Relevant Is All About Loving What You Do

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To us non-influencers, the world of content creation seems a little intimidating. With an ever-evolving world of social media platforms and content trends, it can be tricky to know where to begin or how to keep up.

In Australia, there aren’t many fashion influencers better known that Elle Ferguson. Jumping on the Instagram influencer train before most, Ferguson knows a thing or two about how to stay relevant in the online space.

On episode five of POPSUGAR Australia’s podcast Dinner For Two, Elle Ferguson chats to host Alyce Tran, about what keeps her motivated and why she’s been able to hold a significant place in the Australian content creator space for so long. 

“I think what drives me most is the fact that people always feel the need to tell me I can’t do it,” she tells Tran, on the latest episode of Dinner For Two. “I don’t know why, for some reason, people I’ve previously worked for or surrounded myself with have told me that I can’t do it, which honestly just fuels me and drives me. There’s this fire with me that feels the need to prove people wrong.”

Additionally, Ferguson says that being passionate about what you do is a total must.

“It comes down to passion. I love what I do; I love the world of fashion. I think it’s also about consistency, like I shoot every Friday without fail, even throughout covid and iso, I was still doing shoots of myself at home on Fridays. You’ve really got to keep the consistency with an online audience.”

With an ever-changing and growing online world of content creation, comes constant new opportunities. Everyone is looking for something fresh and different all the time, Ferguson says, and you never know what opportunities will come about, or when.

To appeal to these opportunities, aesthetic is everything. But how do we stand out in a landscape of so many fantastic content creators? Ferguson says it’s all about authenticity.

“I’ve always been very authentic, this is me. I do love shoes, I do love clothes, fashion excites me… I think that as long as I’m passionate about what I’m doing, that’s what I’m putting out there, and people respond well to that.”

Elle Ferguson really is that quintessential Aussie beach babe vibe, she hasn’t chased it. She literally lives by the beach, always has a perfect tan and beachy hair, and her “beachy” style is really the clothes she would wear, whether she was a content creator or not.

“Your audience loves to get a snapshot into your life,” she explains. “On a platform like Instagram, you need to be asking questions, doing polls, reels, shopping guides… if someone is coming to you they want all those little touchpoints.

“For me, I keep my feed super curated and polished, but everything else, like stories, polls and reels, are happening in real time.”

You can listen to the full episode below, and win a literal Dinner for Two with Alyce Tran and Elle Ferguson here.

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