Classic Is Back: These Are 7 Engagement Ring Trends We Can Expect in 2022

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In a return to the classics, we’ve already seen a few beautiful engagement rings in 2022 that have made our jaws drop (cough cough, MGK and Megan Fox).

From vintage stones, to classic settings, to French designs dating back centuries, we’re seeing some of our favourite iconic designs come back around—but with a newer focus on sustainability.

Here are seven engagement ring trends we can expect in 2022.

Oval Shapes

Oval-shaped stones in engagement rings are an absolute classic, and after being slightly taken over by pear-shaped stones in 2021, ovals are officially back in for 2022.

“In 2021 we saw a plethora of prominent celebrity engagements where they opted for oval-cut diamonds, as trends tend to follow celebrities no doubt oval-cut diamonds will continue to be a 2022 favourite,” says Lars Larsen, of Larsen Jewellery.

The marquise-style—as said in jewellers-speak— is famously attributed to King Louis XV of France, who endeavoured to commission a diamond cut inspired by the smile of his mistress, Marquise de Pompadour. It is an elongated oval shape with pointed ends, with a facet arrangement in the crown and pavilion that echoes that of the round brilliant cut, and actually makes the cut a less conventional choice than original solitaire diamonds.

Bezel-Set Rings

Bezel settings are a noteworthy addition to rising engagement ring trends, as we’re seeing more and more of them. Also coined a “rubover”, this setting style refers to a ring of metal — usually gold or silver — enclosed around the gemstone, holding it in place. This delivers a clean, thin and protective frame around a ring’s centre, rather than the more elaborate prong setting.

Although the prong setting — that looks like a 3D claw holding out the stone — has been pretty popular for years, this more modest bezel setting is absolutely coming back in style. It also holds the stone more securely in place, perfect for someone who works with their hands.

“Something Blue”

Australian blue sapphires are becoming increasingly popular
as not only are they renowned for their beautifully deep and rich navy blues, but they can be a more affordable option. With more customers wanting to shop homegrown products, Larsen Jewellery has seen an exponential increase in sales of Australian sapphires in 2021.

Arguably trailblazing the sapphire trend was Princess Diana and with the 25th anniversary of her death approaching — plus all the media coverage around new films inspired by her life — the popularity of this precious stone will predictably just keep growing and growing.

Yellow Diamonds

A diamond that sparkles even brighter? Yes please. Yellow diamonds are created through high levels of nitrogen in the jewel and are becoming more and more beloved for their natural warmth. They can come with orange, brown, or even green tints in them, adding an extra eye-catching element to and already bedazzling stone.

There’s also an element of naturality to yellow diamonds, which aligns with our increasing sustainable mindset. We’re moving further away from man-made ideas and more towards the naturally occurring, which is perhaps why yellow diamonds have become higher in demand. They’re also cheaper than classic diamonds, which is a bonus!

Sustainable Materials

“The demand for sustainable and ethically made products will continue to increase over the next five plus years as more and more Australians start making this a priority in their purchasing habits to buy items that are not part of the fast fashion cycle,” Larsen says.

Larsen Jewellery was the first Australian jewellery brand to accomplish 100 per cent carbon neutral status, and today remain as leaders in the market. They ethically source all their diamonds and gemstones to ensure
they are conflict-free, and are a licensed producer of jewellery made from Fairtrade Gold.

There are only a handful of providers of Fairtrade Gold in Australia, which entails the “jewellers documenting exactly how much gold they are using, and keep it completely separate [from other gold].” says founder, Susie Larsen.

Toi Et Moi Engagement Rings

A stone for you and a stone for me! French for “you and me”, the Toi et Moi engagement ring trend actually dates back to the 1796 marriage of Napoleon and Josephine. It’s characterised by two gemstones — usually the birthstones of each person — on the one ring, symbolising two souls coming together as one.

As for it being a trend in 2022, all we need to know is that it’s the ring that MGK gave to Megan Fox. It’s iconic and beautiful, with a gorgeous historic sentiment. Not to mention, two stones instead of one? Yes pls.

Multistone Rings

Carrying on from the above are multistone rings, which is a cluster of stones instead of one diamond, but minus the French historic meaning. This one simply maximises the bling and we’re here for THAT.

Multistone rings showcase a cluster of precious stones in groups of three or five set onto the band. The stones can also be arranged asymmetrically
offering a stylish flair that differentiates from a classic mirrored diamond design.

“Increasingly, we are seeing a lot of customers having more fun in their ring selection, in a move away from the subtle diamond to more bold, more glittering diamonds and stones,” explains Lars Larsen.

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