The Ultimate Family Bucket List For a Summer Spent at Home

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Just because much of this summer is likely going to be spent at home, doesn’t mean it can’t be a summer to remember! Every year, we like to come up with a family bucket list to cross off as the warm months unfold, so this year, we’re bringing you a special *mostly* at-home version of our list. Screen-grab it, print it out, rewrite it on giant paper – whatever works – and hang it up somewhere if you want your kids to be able to help you cross the outdoor and indoor activities out as you work your way through.

If you’re racking your brain for ideas to keep your kids happy and busy this summer, look no further than the ideas below. Wishing you a summer filled with sunshine-soaked memories and lots of smiles, from our family to yours.

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The Ultimate Stay-at-Home Summer Bucket List For Families

  1. Camp in the backyard.
  2. Project a movie outside.
  3. Have a backyard picnic.
  4. Watch the sun set in your neighborhood.
  5. Have an indoor family movie night.
  6. Make a backyard scavenger hunt.
  7. Fly a kite.
  8. Attend a virtual summer camp.
  9. Stargaze.
  10. Take photos of your favorite things in your neighborhood.
  11. Run through sprinklers.
  12. Eat too many homemade popsicles.
  13. Plant flowers or vegetables.
  14. Have an underwater tea party in the pool.
  15. Paint pet rocks.
  16. Ride your bikes through the neighborhood.
  17. Build an indoor fort on a rainy day.
  18. Go across the lawn on a Slip ‘N Slide for hours.
  19. Take tons of photos and create a summer scrapbook.
  20. Have a water balloon fight.
  21. Read a new summer release outside in the sunshine.
  22. Write and put on a play as a family.
  23. Beat the heat with a no-bake, kid-friendly recipe.
  24. Make sidewalk chalk masterpieces.
  25. Play in the rain.
  26. Catch fireflies in a jar.
  27. Make tie-dye shirts.
  28. Wash the cars by hand.
  29. Blow bubbles.
  30. Eat watermelon slices that look like smiles.
  31. Roast marshmallows over a fire and make s’mores.
  32. Play Marco Polo in a kiddie pool.
  33. Go on a nature walk.
  34. Make ice cream in a bag.
  35. Make wishes on dandelions.
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