Aussies Reveal Their Top 5 First Date Dealbreakers


It’s completely normal on first dates for certain things about a person to be a turn-off. And while those things differ for everyone, there are a few quirks we can all agree aren’t the most, let’s just say, attractive, when you’re looking for a new lover.

So, that said, according to new research commissioned by Extra Oral Healthcare Program, here are the top five things Aussies say are their definite deal-breakers on first dates. Plus, and more importantly, here’s how to combat them.

Being rude to the waiter

One in two (51%) Aussies say their date being rude to the waiter while out on a first date is the ultimate dealbreaker. I personally think that everyone should do a stint in customer service at some point in their lives because they’ll learn a lot about people, manners and the lack thereof that occurs more than you’d think. However, regardless of whether or not you’ve worked in hospo, there really is no excuse for being rude to a waiter.

As a third party, when you see someone speak down to a stranger or be unnecessarily rude or disrespectful, it shows a lot about their character. It’s not hard to be nice, and mean, rude or entitled people are not attractive. End of story.

We naturally look for people who abide by our same morals and those people, to us, are attractive. It’s okay to be challenged, and it’s actually really hot if someone comes along and broadens your perspective, but if they behave in a way that you don’t condone (like being rude to waiter), then it’s hard to come back from that.

Bad breath

One in four (26%) Aussies confessed to having turned down a second date because their potential suitor had bad breath. And honestly, fair enough. Bad breath isn’t just off-putting because it smells bad. Our oral hygiene says a lot about our general health and care we have for our bodies and ourselves.

People who care about themselves, have respect for their bodies and are on top of their health, are undeniably attractive. People who don’t care about looking after themselves or who aren’t ‘healthy’ can often turn us off, especially if we’re looking for something serious. Bad breath is a sign of something not right in your body or simply, a lack of care, which doesn’t give off sexy first date vibes.

“There are a number of factors that can cause bad breath, including your diet and personal hygiene. Brushing teeth twice a day using fluoride toothpaste should always be the first step in maintaining good oral health,” said Gold Coast-based dental professional, Dr. Matt Hedge.

Bad breath can be caused by so many factors, but whether it’s your diet, a lack of teeth-brushing or even a stomach disorder, there’s always something you can do to improve the situation.

Dr. Matt Hedge knows it’s not practical to carry mouthwash or a toothbrush on a first date so he has another suggestion. “Sugar-free gum is a great on-the-go solution to help freshen your breath and boost your confidence,” he says.

“Scientific research has also shown that chewing sugar-free gum stimulates saliva, which helps to wash away lingering food particles, creating a much cleaner and healthier environment for your teeth.”

Body odour

Similar to bad breath, body odour isn’t just about the smell. Sure, it’s not super appealing to be intimate with someone whose smell you don’t like, because as we all know, smell is a huge part of attraction. But more than that, bad body odour is usually linked to a few things: a poor diet (mainly consisting of processed foods and fatty oils) and a lack of cleanliness when it comes to frequent bathing and not properly cleaning your clothes.

Now there’s nothing wrong with treating yourself to french fries in bed every now and then (guilty), but eating junk food constantly, not washing your clothes or showering, all leads back to an assumption of laziness. I can only speak from personal experience, but laziness isn’t an attractive quality, therefore someone with body odour would be a turn-off for me.

Thirty-five per cent of Australians agree, saying that they’d be concerned if a date they had a sleepover with had bad body odour, and there’s a chance that they wouldn’t pursue a relationship further.

Dirty teeth

When asked to rank what they’re looking for physically in a first date, fresh breath topped the list at 41%, while a great smile came in second at 43%. Everyone has a different definition of what defines a “great smile” for them, but if we’re just going off the physical quality of the smile, surely some healthy pearly whites wouldn’t go astray.

When I first got into a relationship with my current boyfriend, he would give me hints about my teeth every now and then. I’ve always had healthy teeth, but it’s true that I hadn’t been to the dentist for three or so years, and I drink a lot of coffee and red wine. They weren’t looking their freshest. It’s hard not to take physical criticism personally, but it’s important to take your intimate partner’s desires into consideration. Plus, it pushed me to go to the dentist, which I’d been putting off for months. My teeth are fresh and white, and I don’t have to go for another six months!

White teeth are a clear sign of good oral health, which is just an undeniably attractive quality, as it promotes good hygiene and good general health, both of which are attractive qualities in a potential partner.

“Oral health is a key indicator of overall general health, well-being and quality of life,” says Dr Hedge.


Now, this only occurs if you’re in the sleepover phase of an early relationship and can vary depending on personal turn-ons/offs, as well as the individual person’s snore. Thirty-nine per cent of people said that they’d find it off-putting if a first date snored during their first night together.

Personally, I reckon it depends on the snore. If it was a thunder-rumbling type of loud snore that stopped you from sleeping, that’s completely understandable. Sleeping beside omeone who stops you from catching your quality zzzs, although it might not be their fault, isn’t a great foundation for a long-term relationship.

However, many of us snore, at different levels, for different reasons. Most of the time, snoring can’t really be helped and isn’t always a sign of bad health. If you’re really into someone, but they snore, I recommend trying a few things before you give them the flick. Talk to them about it and see if there are any remedies you could try together.

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