What It Means to Have a Fixed Sign in Your Birth Chart

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There is more to your zodiac sign than its face-value qualities. If you dig a little deeper into your birth chart, you’ll find your sign can fall into three different archetypes, or more specifically, modalities. These three categories are cardinal, fixed, and mutable, consisting of four signs, each of a different zodiac element.

Fixed signs consist of the zodiac signs that take place in the height, or middle, of each season. The signs that meet this criterion are Taurus in the spring, Leo in the summer, Scorpio in the fall, and Aquarius in the winter – earth, fire, water, and air signs, respectively. These four signs make up the fixed modality, and they each carry their own qualities that reflect this zodiac archetype.

What Are Fixed Signs in Astrology?

If the cardinal signs kick-start their seasons and the mutable signs close them and begin the transition to the next, the fixed signs uphold their seasons at their peak. The commonality between all four fixed signs is their strength and consistency. While the generic description of Taurians, Leos, Scorpios, and Aquarians may appear different, at their core, they are each driven by shared stamina, loyalty, and dependability.

These are the most steadfast signs, and their mental brawn enables them to pick others up when they’re down and see projects to their success. Fixed signs are headstrong and committed, naturally attracting others into their orbit with their loyalty, charm, and comfort. Read on to understand how all of the fixed signs make these admirable qualities their own.


As the first fixed sign to occur in the zodiac year and an earth sign, Tauruses really embody the resolute nature that comes with this modality. Their strength comes in the form of patience and often a whole lot of stubbornness, but this can be largely attributed to their wisdom. They are careful and calculated in their decisions, but once their mind is made up, there is no convincing them otherwise.


Leos are sometimes mistaken to be attention-seeking, but in reality, they naturally attract attention just by having a strong presence. This flashy fire sign is loyal till the end, and they make the fiercest friends – if you can handle all eyes inevitably being on them.


Don’t make the mistake of attributing their quiet, brooding demeanour to timidness. Scorpios are simply taking in their surroundings and calculating how best to do things. Their guards are up, with stingers at the ready to defend anyone who tries to hurt them or those they love. It can be tough trying to break down their walls, but once you do, you’ll find someone with a sharp intellect and a knack for problem-solving.


Aquarians are the revolutionaries. The air sign is strong-willed, and there is no stopping them once they are committed to a belief or movement. They pride themselves on their individuality and against-the-grain mindset, and they are often the driving force behind movements or creative projects.

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