Help Your Kid Focus on a Long Day of Schoolwork With These Healthy Foods

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The saying “you are what you eat” doesn’t only apply to being fit. Choosing the right foods can also help support mood, sleep, and even the ability to focus and concentrate.

As a registered dietitian and mother to a school-aged child, I know that there are many factors that play into a child’s ability to focus. I also know that there are no magic foods that will get any child to laser-focus on math or reading when a cool show is on the TV. But I also know that there are certain brain-boosting foods that could potentially help support the quest of getting kids to concentrate on their schoolwork, project, or other task in conjunction with quality sleep, daily physical activity, and minimal distractions (among other things).

To tackle the diet side of the quest to help your kids focus, here are seven foods that show some promise. Hopefully, these suggestions give some lunchtime inspo too!

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