This Full Moon in Taurus Limpia Will Ease You Through the Lunar Eclipse

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A full moon lunar eclipse is an astrological cocktail guaranteed to leave you feeling a little tipsy. But this is not the time to be seeing double because the eclipse is a huge mirror placed directly in front of you, urging you to truly see who you are and who you can become. Your unlimited potential is in focus, but so are those limiting beliefs that must be shed to move forward with confidence and grace in your movements and thought patterns. Taurus is luxurious and expects nothing but the best. Tap into that unwavering energy to help transform the weights holding you down into balloons that will help you elevate to new heights in your personal development and self-mastery.

The bull is of the earth. But this lunar eclipse can have you soaring far beyond the physical realm to the parts of your subconscious that need healing. A full moon limpia can help you navigate these waters while staying grounded. This spiritual wellness tool is intended to balance the heart and throat chakras, so you can speak your truths, comfort your inner child, honor the guru within, and transmute the pains and traumas of the past into lessons for today with love. As an awakened being, you can see things more clearly and will be able to evaluate areas that need closure and release in your life. It’s time. You are ready. The best way to ride out this powerful energy is to chill. Relax into it. Trust. Surrender. Feel the power that exists within you, because no matter what life hands us, that inner glow continues to illuminate. Let it be your guiding light.

When Is the Lunar Eclipse in Taurus?

A lunar eclipse is a full moon and on November 8th at 6:02 am EST, the Taurus Lunar Eclipse will peak. Consider this a spiritual purge. It may not always be pretty, but it is needed, and the outcome can be beautiful.

What Does the 2022 Taurus Lunar Eclipse Mean?

If you rip off a bandage quickly, it stings for a moment, and then it’s over. The pain is gone, and a fading memory of a healing wound is left behind. After a while, you may not even recall the pain that once existed, even if a scar remains. The Taurus Lunar Eclipse allows you to rip off that bandage quickly, once and for all. Don’t hesitate anymore or go too slow because it may make for an even bumpier ride. Instead, stop resisting the changes that need to take place in your life. You don’t have to continue imagining or dreaming of the person you want to become. You can become anything and everything you want to be. In fact, you’re already on your way to becoming the person you would wholeheartedly follow. Don’t wait to give yourself the flowers you deserve. You’ve come so far!

A bouquet of pink flowers is perfect for this astrological occasion because they match Taurus’s sense of elegance and beauty. This floral companion can remind you that your imperfections are elegant and beautiful and unique to you. Acknowledge and honor them, and allow your authenticity to shine. The world is a more colorful place with you in it. Remove anything and anyone (even aspects of yourself) that are casting a shadow on your light. Then get some shades, because your glow-up is so bright, it’s beyond anything you can even imagine.

What Is the Spirit-Cleansing Prayer to Say For November’s Taurus Lunar Eclipse?

Dear God, carry me through this transformative time. I am ready for real change. I want to grow and leave behind the things that hold me back. Allow me to find the strength within during my weakest moments. Please remind me that I am not alone, ever; that I am safe and protected on this journey. I am free. So be it.

Which Tarot Card Goes Well With the Taurus Lunar Eclipse?

The Hierophant. It honors the teacher within and the most high.

What Chakra Goes Well With the Taurus Lunar Eclipse?

The heart chakra. At the center of our greatness is pure love. The fourth chakra acts as a bridge between our physical and spiritual worlds.

Spirit-Cleansing Recipe (Taurus Lunar Eclipse)


Sage and palo santo

Thyme, elderberry, or mint herbs

Succulents or bamboo

Pink Himalayan salt

Sea salt

Patchouli, frankincense, or lavender essential oil

Pink roses

Florida water or agua de Florida

Blue or green candle

Rose quartz crystal


1. Physically cleanse your space with gentle ingredients, like orange and lemon spray. Wipe down all the surfaces while singing and praying and speaking your intentions.

2. You can then spiritually cleanse the space by burning sage first followed by palo santo. Allow the smoke to waft throughout your space and sing, pray, and set intentions.

3. Adorn your bathroom with succulents or bamboo to call in the earth energy of Taurus.

4. This limpia is intended to be poured over your body in the shower. So, begin by grabbing a few good handfuls of herbs and adding them to a pot of simmering water. Simmer for 10–15 mins.

5. While your herbs are simmering, grab a big bowl and add one cup of pink Himalayan salt and half a cup of sea salt.

6. Sprinkle dried pink roses all over the salt.

7. Add your strained herb water to the bowl and gently mix the ingredients together with your hands. Allow the water to cool enough to submerge your hands without burning them.

8. Next, add a couple of splashes of agua de Florida and several drops of the essential oils of your choice. A go-to is frankincense and lavender because they awaken the throat chakra, an area of the body ruled by Taurus. (Added bonus: gently and deeply inhale the steam coming from your limpia bowl and imagine it flowing through your body and cleansing it from within.)

9. Light a blue or green candle, representing the throat and heart chakras. Place your rose quartz crystal near the candle to create a mini altar in your Taurus Lunar Eclipse Limpia space.

10. As you stand in the shower, pray as you pour the limpia over your head and shoulders. Feel the water as it flows down your body spiritually cleansing your aura and bringing you into alignment. Give thanks and bid farewell to the things you are releasing as the water glides down the drain.

Be at peace, beautiful soul. Growth can be challenging, but it is so worth the journey to see your full potential.

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