13 Irish Traditions and Superstitions That Are Just Wonderfully Weird and Charming

Getty / RoBeDeRo

Ireland is known for many things – the rolling green hills, the smooth-as-silk Guinness, the friendly people, the lively pubs, and the somewhat strange traditions and superstitions. If you’ve ever been to Ireland or just know an Irish person, you’ve probably seen them salute a solo magpie, pick up a coin they spot on the street, or get a bit jumpy if they spot a robin near their home. My husband is from a small town in Ireland, so I’ve seen firsthand just how strongly he believes these superstitions, which have, in turn, now rubbed off on me (I also have to always salute a solo magpie now). While most of these actions are small, they all have a very specific purpose, mostly to ensure you keep your good fortune and luck. To learn more about some of Ireland’s most well-known traditions and superstitions, keep reading. But just be warned: you won’t be able to have an itchy nose without fearing what the future holds anymore!

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