“I Had Crushes on Girls Since Three”: Aussie Musician G Flip on Coming Out Later in Life

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Georgia Claire Flipo, known as G Flip, is a queer icon in the Australian music scene. But despite knowing they were queer from a super young age, G Flip believes that it’s all about coming when it feels right.

“I didn’t come out until later in life,” they say in an exclusive interview with POPSUGAR Australia.

“I went to catholic primary and high school, and I just never felt comfy to come out in those environments. Being queer, or really anything involving the LGBTQIA+ community just wasn’t on the agenda of the schools I went to.

“There also wasn’t much representation when I was growing up. I didn’t see queer storylines on TV or hear same sex pronouns in music, so my environment just didn’t encourage me to openly embrace who I was at that time.”

Many of us can relate. The real growth of celebration and appreciation for queerness in Australia has only been throughout recent years, with same-sex marriage only legalised five years ago. There has been a lot more discourse around queerness in education since, including the use of pronouns and conversations of gender.

But for those of us who were in high school throughout the mid-2000s, being queer wasn’t something that felt like it would be openly accepted. As a teenager, it’s tough to find your individuality and voice at the best of times. Without any representation to tell you that it’s okay and safe to be who you are, it’s even more difficult.

“I felt like I had crushes on girls since I was three-years-old,” says G Flip, “even though I came out later in life.”

“As soon as I did [come out], it was honestly the most euphoric experience. I finally got to be myself, I got to have a girlfriend and bring her home for the first time, I just got to live out some of the best life moments that everyone wants.”

G Flip also came out in 2021 as non-binary, and uses the pronouns they/them. They have described themselves previously as a ‘gender smoothie’, and their journey proves that we’re constantly evolving, ever-growing beings.

“Everyone has their own path,” they say. “You shouldn’t feel pressured to come out if it’s not the right time, and it’s worth waiting for your moment.”

G Flip has always been an amazing LGBTQIA+ ally through their music, which is like a piece of their diary. They sing openly about queer relationships and identity struggles with vulnerable and raw lyrics that really cut through.

“Ive always wanted to do music — since I got my first drum kit at nine-year-old — but a big part of my projects is wanting to be the role model I didn’t have growing up.

“All I wanted was to see a queer drummer who was also a singer, but all the pop stars that were in the limelight when I was growing up were shaking their booties in mini skirts.

“I struggled for a bit with where my dreams were, not seeing that representation I craved as a kid, but wanting to find that space for myself. And while I was set on being a drummer, there was always this secret voice in me that wanted to be my own artist.

“It wasn’t until I came out, that I truly had the confidence to go solo and share my story through music. My music is like my biography, really, so I had to be my authentic self before I could share that.”

G Flip is currently in a relationship with Selling Sunset’s Chrishell Stause —— who featured in G Flip’s latest music video for their new single Get Me Outta Here) — and it’s their first relationship that has garnered public interest.

“It’s definitely different, I’ve never had a relationship that’s been thrust into the public eye before, but Chrishell has been chill and amazing about it.”

“Every single relationship I’ve had in my life, has helped shape me into who I am today. They’ve helped me grow, helped my emotional depth, my emotional maturity. I’ve learn amazing life lessons and become a stronger human through it all.

“Honestly, I think back on my past relationships and I’m so grateful.”

While coming out as queer and non binary has been G Flip’s journey, they want you to know that everyone’s journey is their own.

“Everyone has their own timeline, and the most amazing things happen when you do the things that feel right for you. Being your authentic self is beautiful, and for me, coming out as queer and non binary has felt comfy, but there’s no rush.

“Come out when you feel safe, and when you do, there will be so many people that want to help and allies that will embrace you with open arms.”

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