50 Festive Zoom Backgrounds for a Virtual Graduation

Pexels / Olya Kobruseva

Graduation is a major milestone in someone’s life, and whether you’re the person graduation (way to go!) or a loved one who’s there to support, graduation is definitely an event worth making a big deal over. Even if the celebrations have to be virtual, graduation is the perfect excuse to go big in your celebration. Whether your ceremony goes digital, you want to avoid possible COVID-19 risks, or you want to include friends and family from around the country or world, having a Zoom graduation ceremony or party is a great way to share your accomplishment with the people who matter to you. To avoid losing your chance to indulge in the aesthetics of grad caps and tassels, you can accessorise your digital celebration by picking a fun Zoom background that will make your little box stand out like you deserve to! Whether you’re a minimalist, a lover of bold color, or a traditionalist who wants a simple-yet-themed background, there is a great photo out there that will express you and your achievements (or, at the very least, hide your potentially messy room that would otherwise be on camera).

Follow these steps to set your Zoom background, and make sure the dimensions are around 1,920 by 1,080 pixels. Con-grad-ulate yourself with one of the many backgrounds in the following slides, and whether you’re the guest of honor or a supportive face in the crowd, you’ll be sure to make the day even more special.

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