Room on the Broom, Casper, and 13 Other Halloween Movies That Aren't Scary For Kids

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Because spookiness is an overarching theme during the Halloween season, it can be difficult to navigate certain aspects of the holiday with younger children who scare easily, especially when it comes to spooky movies. With Halloween films playing on every channel all October long, it’s definitely tempting to get in on the fun of watching one as a family – especially if it’s one you loved as a kid – so we’ve compiled a list of features we think your little ones likely won’t be afraid of.

However, fear is relative, so we’ve listed anything you should know before watching these movies with your kids. You know your child best – if they scare extremely easily, most of these have at least one spooky or jumpy part, as they’re all Halloween-themed (basically, watch at your own risk, but be ready to hit the pause or fast-forward button for the parts we mention just in case!).

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