This Harry Potter Wedding Shoot Is an Enchanting Ode to the Hufflepuff House (Badgers Included)

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Harry Potter fan or not, almost everyone knows the meaning behind the four Hogwarts houses. Each describes a person’s characteristics and qualities, and who couldn’t love a Hufflepuff? Loyal, kind, honest, and hard-working, members of this house are deeply connected to the Earth and all its glory. The house colours are yellow and black, and this gorgeous wedding shoot has brought Hufflepuff to life – no magic required.

Taken at The Parador in Houston, TX, event planner Hannah Hester and photographer Christine Wright put their minds together to create a beautifully styled wedding inspired by loyal Hufflepuffs, and it’s an earthy dream . . . to say the least. “Every detail for this styled wedding is unique,” Christine told POPSUGAR.” From the paper goods to the floating balloons above the table to the black kitten that posed with the couple – the [photoshoot’s] elegantly sophisticated style looks beautiful against the backdrop of the Parador’s luscious green space.” And that’s just being modest – the gorgeous flower-covered arbor, crested wedding cake, and honey-infused cocktails will also catch your eye, among other sprawling details.

Let this shoot transport you to the majestic grounds of Hogwarts and feel all the beauty that is Hufflepuff, ahead.

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