5 Tips to Stay Safe While Traveling During the Holidays, According to Experts

Pexels / Anna Shvets

The holidays are always an exciting time, but they can also be pretty stressful for a number of reasons – one of the main ones being travel. While many people are opting to stay put this year and not travel home for the holidays, others still are, and while that’s OK, you need to make keeping yourself (and others around you) safe and healthy your top priority. Not only do you have to worry about making it to your flight on time, but there’s also the added fear of contracting COVID-19 before or during your travels. While venturing to a new location via any form of public transportation can be nerve-racking, we’re here to put your mind a little more at ease. We spoke with Samir Midani, MD, chief of pediatric infectious diseases at Nemours Children’s Specialty Care in Jacksonville, FL, and with a flight attendant at a major airline who wishes to remain anonymous, about their top five tips for staying as safe as possible while traveling this holiday season.

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