16 Quick and Easy Homeschool Lunch Ideas Your Kids Will Love


Homeschooling kids is hard enough (it’s no wonder 80 percent of US parents have a newfound respect for teachers as a result of stay-at-home mandates). With back-to-back Zoom classes and keeping the kids on their A game, there’s absolutely no reason to make lunchtime another hassle. A fast, easy, delicious lunch is 100 percent the way to go, and meal prepping can make it even quicker. Think hefty use of the air fryer, healthy versions of kids’ classics like chicken nuggets, and meals that will keep your children’s taste buds happy while still being packed with energy and nutrients. Plus, all of these recipes are the perfect balance between easy, fun, and refreshingly unique. Ready to make homeschooling life a little bit simpler? Swipe through for a few of the speediest, tastiest kids’ lunch recipes out there.

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