Find Out Which Houseplant You Should Get Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Illustrations by Becky Jiras / Concept by Madeleine Fournier

Houseplants are the perfect touch that can make a house or apartment feel like a home. They’re inviting and colorful, and come in so many shapes, sizes, and yes, colors! But when there are so many plants to choose from, it can be overwhelming to narrow down one that’s right for you, your personality, and your space. Luckily, our zodiac signs can help with that! By looking closely at our unique personality traits associated with our signs, we can better understand what plant we’d vibe with most. Don’t think you want a plan that needs tons of attention? Don’t worry, there are some beautiful self-sufficient ones out that don’t need constant love and care. Or if you get great satisfaction from planting seeds and watching them grow, there are great plants for that too! And if you’re a Leo and just want the coolest sounding plant out there, we got you covered (spoiler alert: it’s called donkey tail). Keep reading to see which houseplant you should buy based on your zodiac sign.

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