We Have Amazing News: You Can Freeze Leftover Pizza For a Long Time

Unsplash / Kristina Bratko

There are a few times when leftover pizza feels like a crucial part of life: after a night out drinking, whenever you don’t feel like cooking, or when you’re feeling down and just wanting comfort food. While there’s a longstanding (and passionate) debate over whether or not leftover pizza tastes better than fresh pizza, there’s also some debate over how long leftover pizza can last. If you’re among the leftovers-taste-better camp and find yourself with an excess amount of slices (which is great for you, but I rarely have that self-control), you may be wondering whether or not you can freeze pizza for later. While there’s an entire section dedicated to frozen pizzas at grocery stores, what about already-made-and-heated pizza?

We have good news: you can freeze leftover pizza knowing it will maintain its taste and texture! Pizza can be stored in a freezer for up to two months, which is a pretty decent amount of time. But if by some stroke of luck you wind up with a whole box of untouched pizza, please don’t simply slide the box as is onto a freezer shelf and call it a day. No matter how many slices you have, you’ll need to put them in an airtight container to avoid freezer burn. It’s also beneficial to wrap the leftovers tightly with plastic wrap and then add a protective layer of tinfoil on top of that.

Food quality isn’t going to hold up the longer you keep anything in the freezer, so just be mindful of how long you keep it. And once you thaw your pizza out, we recommend adding a bit of extra fresh cheese on the top before popping it in the oven or microwave!

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