Want to Use Positive Parenting as Your Kid Ages? Here’s What a Psychiatrist Recommends

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Sure, there is no such thing as a bad kid, but we can certainly agree that some behaviors are more difficult to live with than others. As our children grow, how do we continue to teach them how to behave while keeping our tactics age-appropriate and positive?

David Grodberg, MD, MS the chief medical officer at Brightline, says it starts with making science-based approaches – like positive parenting – available to as many people as possible. Successful and consistent implementation of positive parenting strategies helps caretakers and parents lower their own stress levels, which in turn creates more symbiotic home environments. And let’s be honest, a more peaceful home environment has never been more important than it is right now when we are spending a lot of time at home together.

What does positive parenting look like and how should it evolve as your kids become older? Here are seven of Dr. Grodberg’s recommended positive parenting practices you can try at home and how to adapt them to your child’s age.

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