This Trick For Removing Broken Eggshell Pieces From a Bowl Works Like a Charm

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You’re in the kitchen, whipping up your favourite cookie dough, cake batter, or scrambled egg recipe when you see it – an errant piece of eggshell invading your culinary creation. You were so careful cracking the eggs! How did this happen? You quickly grab a spoon, a fork, or whatever utensil is closest and start furiously trying to remove the small shell piece, only to be met with aggravation as the shell refuses to budge and, in the worst-case scenario, starts breaking apart into even smaller pieces. Just when you think you have it, the pesky piece slips away and back into the bowl. You may be thinking, “There has to be an easier way to do this.” And in fact, there is. The best way to remove eggshells from your bowl is by using a larger piece of eggshell.

I know it sounds a little weird, but think of it as a “fight poison with poison” situation. (Unless the thought of poison in the kitchen weirds you out. In which case, think of the eggshells as magnets.) Unlike a fork (or spoon, or spatula), which eggshells seem to repel from with every fiber of their being, a larger piece of shell will actually attract the smaller pieces. Seriously, it’s like magic. Simply use half of a cracked shell as a scoop to grab the unwanted bits. You’ll notice that the smaller pieces physically cling to the larger.

I’ve been using this trick for several years now and used it to salvage what could have easily been ruined cookies, cakes, muffins, scrambled eggs, and more. In fact, you’ll never see me fighting with a fork again – those days are long in the past.

Trying this trick at home the next time you’re faced with stray pieces of eggshell is really as easy as it sounds. Just make sure the shell you’re using for scooping is clean! You may be amazed just how well this hack works. No more fighting with tiny pieces of shell or finding them later when you’re eating your finished product!

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