5 Expert Dating Tips to Get Back Out There in 2022

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I’m not a professional expert on finding the love of your life, but when it comes to dating, I do fancy myself a bit of an unofficial professional.

I’ve been single-but-dating for most of my young adult life, and have experienced so many different types of dates, relationships, people, sex, and the highs and lows of looking for love. Now that I’m in a strong and beautiful relationship of my own, it only feels right to share my experiences with you.

It could be all the Oprah I’m watching RN, but I feel like y’all need a little pep talk to get you pumped about going on dates in 2022. The past couple of years have been isolating and difficult for all you single babes, but trust me, there is so much ahead of you.

Here are my top five tips for dating in 2022.

Always Keep a Good Attitude

If you go into dating with a good attitude, then you will always be successful— and by successful, I mean you have fun and meet new people, which could lead to something really beautiful! Go into your dates with a positive attitude and mindset and remember that above all, it’s important to have fun, and I promise that you’ll enjoy the ride.

Set Realistic Expectations

I think we often go into dates — especially if we’ve had time to stalk them online first — with unrealistic expectations. We’ve already decided what we’d like them to be before we’ve given them a chance to be themselves. Do your best to not have any expectations. At the end of the day, you know what you like and don’t like, and you’ll know if you’re vibing with your date. There’s no point thinking about any of that until it’s actually happening! By having realistic expectations and understanding that what you think you want, might not actually be what you want, then you go into dates with an open mind. This gives you more chance for success.

Try Being a “Yes” Person

Within reason, of course. If you’re sure of what you want, then you don’t have any need to say yes to everything. But, from personal experience, I’ve found that opening up my mind and saying yes to things just because, has landed me in amazing relationships I might not have experienced otherwise. Almost all of the time, the things you don’t expect are the most rewarding. So, just give being a “yes!” person a go, even if it’s just for a few weeks — you might be surprised.

Don’t Leave It All Up to Fate

If you want a relationship — go after what you want! Get on the dating apps, get dressed up with your girlfriends and go out to cute hang out spots, mingle with strangers, go to fun events and just put yourself out there. It’s true that things happen at the ‘right time’, but they don’t happen on their own. If now feels like your time, then go for it.

Give Yourself Time

There’s no timeline on love and most epic relationships don’t just form out of nowhere overnight. There are no shortcuts or free passes or easy alternatives to finding love, and good love usually develops over time. If you focus on being open-minded, know that you’re looking for love and keep a positive attitude, chances are you’re going to manifest your own beautiful love story. Just don’t give yourself a deadline.

Important Note: Remember through it all, to love yourself first. When we practise self love, romantic love will find us. In order to create room for a romantic partner to come into our lives, we need to learn how to love ourselves truly, madly, deeply.

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