Full-Moon Water Is a Thing – Here's How to Make It

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Full moons have so much beauty, power, and energy. They’re a great time to reevaluate your life and your choices and start fresh if you feel like you need it. And there are plenty of full moons every year to give you a chance to harness their positivity to center yourself. One creative way you can do that? Make moon water!

Moon water is quite literally water that has been charged with the moon’s light. According to Well + Good, drinking moon water can cleanse and empower you for the upcoming month. Obviously, the results are left up to you and how much you’re willing to allow yourself to start anew, but if you’re feeling a little lost, it’s worth a try.

It’s incredibly easy to charge your water with the moon’s power, and we’ve outlined the simple process below. One note that Well + Good makes is that if you decide to make moon water, make sure you never charge by the light of an eclipse, as there’s bad juju there. Astrologer Chani Nicholas told the publication, “Eclipses are absolutely not moons you want to harness the energy of. We want to work with eclipses in ways that help us gently remove impurities from our system.” With that in mind, keep reading to find out how to make your own moon water to start your month right.

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Choose a Container For the Water

This can be any container you want to use. Consider choosing a container that sets the intention for what you want your moon water to do, but any container will suffice. Fill it up with water.

Surround Your Container With Crystals

Well + Good calls this step optional, but we think it’s a good one to include. Select whatever crystals align with your intentions, and lay them out around your container of water. If you’re charging your moon water without a clear goal or intention in mind, maybe go with some quartz crystals. They’re a great healing and clarifying crystal that pairs well with the moon’s charge.

Put Your Container in the Path of the Moon’s Light

This is the important part: put your container of water where the moon’s glow will hit it. Your best bet is to put it all the way outdoors, but just make sure it’s able to soak up moonlight.

Leave It Overnight, and Enjoy in the Morning

Use your moon water however you want – drink it, spray it around your house, wash your hair with it – the choice is up to you!

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