How to Make Your Bedroom Look and Feel More Luxurious

Sleep is essential for your body and mind to recharge, so it makes sense to spend a bit of time and effort making the place you do it, well, most conducive to it. In other words, striving to make your bedroom a sanctuary. A room you can walk into where you’ll immediately feel your shoulders relax and your stresses drip away, and where you’ll be ready to end the day. So, how can you achieve this? Well, there are a few simple tweaks that’ll make all the difference in ensuring your bedroom becomes a haven — and they’re all worth exploring. From adding some indoor plants, which are continually proven help to boost mood and reduce stress, to installing new curtains and blinds from Carpet Court, that add warmth to any room and can help you play with natural light, here we’re sharing some of the easiest, yet most effective things you can do to make sure your bedroom is an area you’ll never want to leave.

Change Up Your Blinds or Curtains

Though subtle, curtains can play an important role in any room, increasing or decreasing the amount of natural light allowed in and helping to make it feel more ‘lived-in’ and warm (figuratively, but, if you’ve opted for sheer curtains, literally, too). If light streaming in when you’re trying to sleep or nosy neighbours peeking in are issues for you, consider installing horizontal or vertical blinds or plantation shutters.

Some picks? Carpet Court’s Indoor Plantation Shutters are PVC and fauxwood window shutters that give a room an elegant feel, while doing the job of keeping light out. The company’s Modern fabric range in Roller Blinds are easy-to-use and will block out light completely.

On the flip side, if you’re keen to let in more light and have a window where people from outside would have a hard time seeing in, you might want to look at floaty, sheer curtains, which can give a room a spa-like feel. Carpet Court’s Veri Shades are made from soft fabric that works to diffuse sunlight, while the Marley Shades use a semi-sheer fabric and are available in seven different colours. Pair these back with block out roller blinds to create night time privacy.

Pay Attention to Lighting

While you can use blinds and curtains to control natural lighting, you also want to pay attention to the artificial lighting you’re using as it can help to shape your bedroom’s overall mood. In fact, the right lighting setup can even work to make your bedroom feel larger — and who doesn’t want that? For lightbulbs in your bedroom’s main source of lighting and any lamps, aim to use soft white light bulbs, which range from 2700K to 3000K. If you’re unable to find those bulbs, warm white, which is 3000K to 4000K, works too. A lampshade diffusing light from a lightbulb and, in some cases, creating shadowed patterns on a wall can also create an inviting and, importantly, relaxing atmosphere.

Add a Rug

Like blinds and curtains, rugs can add warmth both figuratively and literally to a room, too. Placing a rug at the foot of your bed, ideally with 1/3 of it tucked underneath and the rest spilling out, immediately makes it feel more inviting, and, with the added texture more ‘styled’, not to mention, it will feel nice underfoot on chilly, winter mornings. Again, same as with blinds and curtains, Carpet Court has a great selection of rugs — with your pick of material, including wool, synthetic and natural, and shapes, including oval, square and rectangle.
You might want to consider Carpet Court’s Almonte Rug that is made from patine, wool and bamboo silk blend, and comes in the colours oyster, clay and coal. For a bit of colour, consider the Evolution. It comes in an array of on trend colours that are exclusive to Carpet Court.

Bring in Plants

Plants can boost your mood, help to reduce your stress and detoxify the air. Plus, they make a room look nicer, too, adding an eye-catching, pop of greenery to a space. You might want to install a ceiling hook to attach a plant holder. Or instead, add the plant on your bedside table or put it in a corner on the floor. Some of the best plants for a bedroom include English Ivy, Spider Plant, Rubber Plant, Peace Lily and Aloe Vera — the latter of which is one of the most air-purifying among all plants, releasing oxygen at night.
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