4 Steps to Planning a Memorable Bachelorette Party for Your Soon-to-Be-Married Bestie


There’s a lot of pressure in planning the perfect bachelorette party for your bestie. But trust me, you got this.

You know your friend so well, so really, planning a bachelorette party for them will actually be super fun. You’ve just got to take a breath and focus on the task at hand, instead of getting overwhelmed by the details.

As someone currently planning a bachelorette for one of their best friends, I know how difficult this whole process can be. But from the experience, I’ve figured out some simple steps that will help this all feel a lot less daunting.

Here are four steps I think are key to planning the most memorable bachelorette party for your best friend (or anyone you love, really).

1. Find Out What They Want

You may have all of these amazing ideas, but remember that this is their bachelorette party and it’s got to be about all the things they love. Are they a sucker for tacky but fabulous? Are they all about glitzy glamour? Write a list of all the words that come to mind when you think of your soon-to-be-married bestie and before you know it, a theme will emerge.

2. Pick a Vibe

Decide what kind of vibe this bachelorette party is, and think outside the box. Here are a few options:

Tacky But Fabulous: This is all about d*ck straws, strippers, party sashes, club-hopping, short tight dresses, lots of hot pink and themed shots.

Glitzy Glamour: You book an exclusive booth in a fancy cocktail bar, everyone wears sparkles, sequins and general cocktail wear. You go out for a boozy dinner and dance afterward. A “bride-to-be” sash could be involved.

Keepin’ it Classy: Get dressed up in your finest and go to a beautiful lunch at a restaurant on the coast, followed by afternoon cocktails by the beach and a girl’s hang at an Airbnb you’ve rented, complete with wine and curated games about your bestie.

Girls’ Day: Organise a day of pampering for the bachelorette party; facials, massages, mani pedis, followed by a trip to the hair dresser. Do your make up together at someone’s house or a hotel room with champagne and good music, then go out for cocktails and dinner. Anything is on the cards, it’s girls’ day!

These are just a few base ideas, but make sure that your b-party vibe and theme is all-encompassing of the bride-to-be!

3. Delegate Tasks

Rally all the other bachelorettes around and give them tasks! One can be in charge of the bookings, the other can be in charge of the party supplies, another can put down a tab at the bar… you get the picture. Make sure everything from what you’re all wearing, to food offerings, to a place to stay is taken care of — because you’ll be in no state to organise things on the day.

It’s imperative that you make sure the bride-to-be doesn’t have to do any of the planning. The best way to keep communication open is to create a group text message to discuss all the details — excluding the bride-to-be, of course. Try to give all the bachelorettes a job, so that no one feels left out.

4. Bring Positive Energy Only

In the planning stages, as well as on the day, it’s super important that you keep it light and fun. We all know that weddings can be super stressful and emotionally charged times, where family dramas are always somewhere to be found and groups of people that normally wouldn’t be all together are having to make things work. Your job is to bring everyone together in a way that reminds them that the main goal is to have fun and celebrate the bride-to-be. If you bring those vibes, others will follow.

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