3 Things to Say to Your Kids to Promote Positive, Intuitive Eating

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One of the most important relationships caregivers foster in children is their relationship with food. Helping kids develop a long lasting positive relationship with their body and food can lead to long lasting positive self worth. “Creating a curiosity-based approach to eating, instead of shame-based one, creates a platform for healthy eating that will extend into adulthood,” said Jessika Brown, MS, RD, CSSD, CEDRD-S, a registered dietitian, health industry expert, and creator of the Fuel Her Awesome podcast.

Exactly how do parents do this though? It can seem intimidating or tricky to create positive food relationships or use intuitive eating (the process of eating that honors one’s own body wisdom). Especially when it’s a parent’s job to also ensure that little ones are getting adequate nutrition and meeting growth milestones. (Can you actually trust your kid to not eat only cookies!?) As daunting as it seems, starting to explore intuitive eating can be as simple as having a few catchphrases in your back pocket.

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