My Life Has Changed Since TikTok Showed Me How to Schedule iPhone Texts

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My iPhone has been keeping secrets from me. In a TikTok video posted in December 2021, tech expert Frank McShan explained exactly how to use your iPhone’s Shortcuts feature to schedule text messages. After playing around with all the new texting and scheduling possibilities, I’m convinced this hack is about to change my life. Much like the time I realized the Apple logo on the back of my iPhone is touch-sensitive, I basically transformed into a human Math Lady meme when I found out how much the Shortcuts Automations feature can do.

In addition to scheduling texts to send out whenever you want to anyone in your contacts list, the Actions section also allows you to schedule emails, track how long your commute is, preplan posts on apps like Twitter, open apps at a designated time, and even program songs to play in specific scenarios. Want to send your crush a “good morning” text, remind your friend not to forget their sunglasses before they head to the park, or play “ABCDEFU” every time you open Instagram to scroll through your ex’s account? Done.

See how to schedule texts and a lot more ahead.

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