A Thunder Moon Will Appear in the Sky on July 23 – Here’s What It Means For Your Emotions

Unsplash / malith d karunarathne

The first half of this year has already been filled with tons of amazing astronomical events, and the rest of 2021 is shaping up to be just as good. On July 23, the sixth full moon of the year will grace the night sky with its face fully illuminated for star-gazers to see. Referred to as the Buck, Thunder, or Hay Moon, this is the time of year when male buck deer begin to grow their new antlers. The Full Moon will be in Aquarius, meaning your emotions might be more complicated than usual since this sign is known to be one with its feelings. Be sure to take a minute to connect with how you feel, and don’t let fear, anger, or jealousy ruin your night.

You’ll be able to see the Full Buck Moon in all its glory at 10:37 p.m. ET and 2:37 a.m. UTC, so be sure to give the night sky a peek then. This celestial event is one of many this year, and each one brings new opportunities for you to reflect, reset, and enjoy the beauty of the world. So, let this full moon prepare you for what’s ahead. Looking for more? You can learn about the rest of 2021’s solar events right here.

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