A Latinx Spiritualist’s Guide to Breaking Through the Poverty Mindset

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Did you grow up hearing phrases and words like “money is the root of all evil,” “money doesn’t grow on trees,” “we’re broke,” or “we’re poor”? Words are powerful and can shift and transform things. So if you were raised hearing negative words about money, wealth, and abundance, then that is likely how you’re going to feel about it. Negative. The parents of many first- and second-generation Latinxs migrated to the United States for one main reason: survival. After all, being able to find work and be paid for it – regardless of how minimal that payment was – meant they could provide for their families better than they ever could in their native countries. For many, it was a matter of life and death.

In fact, colonialism, corrupt government systems, and societal oppression have ingrained a scarcity mindset in our ancestors and immigrant parents, which created abundance blockages and beliefs around wealth, indicating that it is something for a chosen few and they were not included. Therefore, the younger generations also operate from a place of fear, survival, and scarcity because they too feel they’re not abundant or deserving of abundance – hence, generational financial trauma is formed.

This is not at all meant to place blame on our parents, grandparents, and ancestors, because they were simply trying to survive and keep their families alive at the same time – a tall order for anyone. But because energy moves and ancestral trauma can live on through generations, their energy around abundance was absorbed by many first- and second-generation Latinxs and will continue until someone in the lineage decides to end the cycle.

The good news is that energy can shift, and we are an intricate part of that transformation, because we are also energy.

What Does It Mean to Operate From a Place of Scarcity?

Operating from a place of scarcity means becoming obsessed with a lack of something in your life so much that you find it difficult to focus on anything else. That lack is usually associated with money and time.

How Can You Break Generational Financial Trauma in Your Family?

Gratitude. First and foremost, be grateful for what you do have in your life to divert the focus away from what you don’t have. Look around at where you live. Whether you have a studio apartment or a three-story home or you are couch surfing until you can find a place of your own, there is always something to be grateful for. Begin each day in gratitude. You can say “thank you” the minute you open your eyes, or take a few deep breaths while lying down and say “thank you” when you first get up out of bed.

When we focus on what we’re grateful for, the Universe answers with more things to be grateful about. It’s magical! In the same way, if we focus on all the negativity in our lives – what we don’t have, why we aren’t where we want to be – then we create abundance blockages and will likely face more challenges. If you come from poverty, it can be extremely difficult to see things in a positive way. It’s OK to acknowledge that life is not perfect but then immediately shift your mindset to little things that bring perfection into your life. That could be a wonderful morning shower, a blissful breeze on a hot day, or even a warm meal from a generous soul when it is needed most.

How Can Latinxs Change Their Relationship With Money to Manifest Wealth?

A new generation of Latinxs are starting to break through the abundance of blockages that have held our people down for far too long. They are reclaiming the magic within themselves by re-establishing a stronger connection to Spirit and the ways we can work closely with that Divine guidance paired with the love and support of our benevolent ancestors and spirit guides. By learning and practising ancestral spiritual rituals, we can connect with our lineage, heal ourselves, heal them, and shift the energy to create a different outcome for future generations.

Working with the new moon and full moon are two ways to manifest wealth. The new moon creates space for us to set our intentions and wishes and can be very specific depending on the zodiac sign it’s associated with. For example, during the new moon in Taurus, it’s a great time to set intentions around releasing any fears associated with money. By simply writing it out, saying it out loud, and sealing it with “thank you” or something tied to your ancestors, you are creating a shift in the energy around money and your ancestral lineage. I use Han Han Katú in honour of my Taíno ancestors, and it means “So Be It.” Follow this with a New Moon Baño for the ultimate experience.

Full moons are great for shedding what no longer serves us once and for all. So if you want to shed the scarcity mindset and truly begin believing that you are abundant and that abundance is your birthright, the full moon is a great time of transformation and transmutation of past trauma around money. Follow this with a Full Moon Limpia to really bring in all the elements for a truly spiritual cleanse.

What Are Some Spiritual Rituals You Can Set in Place to Manifest Wealth?

Take some time each morning to say or write something you’re grateful for, or you can simply say “thank you” as you take the steps to get ready for your day. If you want to get specific, you can say, “Thank you for my money, because . . .” and fill in the blank. It may be as simple as being grateful for the money you do have, no matter the amount, because with it you’re able to buy food and pay bills, however minimal. This ritual ensures that the flow of money continues to move smoothly. You are a part of that cycle, so do what you can to keep it flowing.

You can also create a money altar in your home, which is a central place of focusing on healing the scarcity mindset within yourself, which in turn will heal those who came before you and those who follow. Remember that your altar should include all four elements: water, fire, air, and earth, as well as the fifth – you. Place a bill of any amount on your altar and surround it with crystals to raise its vibration. You can even use some essential oils good for manifesting money, like wild orange, frankincense, ginger, and Clary sage. Or you can order some manifesting oil from your favourite apothecary, which typically will include a mix of several herbs. Some money-manifesting oils will actually have money and gold in them!

What Are Some Affirmations You Can Use to Manifest Wealth?

Money is my friend, and together we can do great things.

The more money I have, the more people I can help.

Money is good.

I am abundant. I am wealthy. I am Divine.

Abundance is my birthright.

Money flows easily into my life.

Show me how great life can be.

What Are Some Healing Crystals You Can Use to Support Manifesting Wealth?

A go-to is pyrite, which is great for abundance and encourages wealth, prosperity, and success. It is also good for increasing strength, energy, willpower, and confidence. So using pyrite to manifest wealth can help alleviate blockages to abundance, but also build up your confidence around money and the role it plays in your life.

Other crystals to consider when manifesting wealth are citrine (known as the money stone); green calcite raw crystal, which can help to ease money issues and remove money-related emotional blockages; and Tiger’s Eye, which is believed to bring wealth to the one who wears it. You can wear it as jewellery, carry it in your purse or bag, or have it on your desk while you work.

What Are Some Chakras to Work On For Manifesting Abundance?

When it comes to working with the chakras to manifest abundance, we begin at the “root” of the problem. The root chakra, or Muladhara, is our first chakra and the centre of how secure, stable, and safe we feel in our lives. Financial challenges can create an imbalanced root chakra, indicating that we are living through fear around money instead of recognising money as an ally and not an enemy. Meditation is a great way to balance the root chakra. Mountain Pose and Sun Salutations in yoga are also ways to open and balance the root chakra.

You can also work with the sacral and solar plexus chakras as well since the first three chakras are all associated with our physical world. To visualise yourself with money or having a new relationship with money, try doing third-eye-centred meditations so you can really tap into the bigger picture of your life, which is a creation all your own supported by the Divine.

How Can You Manifest Abundance When Your Latinx Parents Depend on You For Financial Support?

Whether it’s children or parents depending on you for financial support, you can manifest abundance. It doesn’t have to do with your circumstances as much as it does with the way you think about money. If you’re fearful every time you spend money, you’re creating more of a block. A slight shift in perspective could change everything. Instead of feeling fear when you spend money, try seeing it as a part of the cycle of abundance. So when you pay $100 for a bill for your parents, be grateful for having the money to pay it and know in confidence that everything you spend will come back to you.

The key is to be responsible with your money but not to fear it. Visualise what your life would be like if money was not an issue and abundance flowed effortlessly. Don’t only see it, but feel it, live it, be it, and know that it is yours already.

Breaking through the scarcity mindset is not easy, but it is possible and can drastically change the trajectory of your life and the next generation.

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