4 Tips for Taking Undeniably Cute Photos on Your Next Night Out

Start Again / Hannah Lehmann

You know those nights when you put together a super cute outfit to go out with friends and y’all look so good but you’re having so much fun that you forget to take photos together? Literally me. Every time.

More often than not, I’ll wake up from a fab night out with friends and realise I have no proof of how hot we looked or how much fun we had.

I might stumble across some photos a few hours later, when I’ve worked up the courage to go through my camera roll, but they’re either terrible or blurry… and not in an artistic way.

Wouldn’t it be so nice to be able to document our most fun nights out with some gorge photos? But is that even possible using our smartphones? I don’t know how the Kendall Jenner‘s of the world seem to always execute 10/10 photo moments at every outing, but I’d love some of that energy in my life.

Young Aussie film director Hannah Lehmann is no stranger to using her smartphone to create art, having just released a short film, shot entirely on her phone.

Her film, Start Again, is an ode to reclaiming nights out now that we’re emerging from lockdown. You can watch this smartphone masterpiece on YouTube but full disclosure; it will make you want to partaaay.

We asked Hannah for her top tips on documenting your next blurry night out in style. Here’s what she said:

Compose with the Camera Grid

Every good photo starts with composition. Composing your shot helps tell the story behind your image, grab your viewer’s attention and turn an ordinary scene into something incredible. It’s also especially important when you’re shooting something in a wider frame and don’t have a tripod. The best way to achieve this is to frame your subject through the lens and then compose with the camera grid to ensure everything is balanced.

Set the Exposure and Focus  

If you want to make a cute video, reel or even boomerang, first be sure to set the exposure and focus. Locking the exposure prevents the light from changing in the middle of a video, while setting the focus allows the subject to remain crystal clear at all times. It also really helps with certain photos, such as if you take a photo on an iPhone in portrait mode or of one person or item in particular.

Manually setting these features is a super easy way to guarantee a clear, well-lit shot. Simply tap the screen to focus on your primary object and tap and drag the sun symbol to adjust the brightness. 

Stablise with a Gimbal

If you’re looking for a steady, shake-free shot, you’re going to need a gimbal stabiliser — a tool that compensates for unwanted movement and keeps your lens stable. The vivo X60 Pro is the world’s first smartphone with an in-built gimbal stabiliser to help produce clear, steady, shake-free video and photography. You can also easily buy a gimbal for your iPhone or other brands of smartphones online or from JB Hi-Fi.

So whether you’re trying to snap a sunrise pic on your morning run or capturing memories from the mosh pit — you’re guaranteed to get a great shot.

Start Experimenting! 

Honestly, the biggest and best tip for content creators is to embrace not only the creative, but also the technical side of filming. There is so much technology available right in the palm of your hand, you just need to find the right device and start experimenting. Physically doing things is the best way to learn and everyone’s tastes are different, which means the same little tricks won’t work for everyone but through experimentation, you might find a few hacks of your own!

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