I Picked My Dog Partly Because of Our Zodiac Compatibility, and I Have Zero Regrets

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I have always been a lover of all things astrology: apart from my sun sign (I’m a fair, yet indecisive Libra), I have always been well aware of my nit-picky Virgo rising side (also my Venus sign, which says a whole lot about my love life), and my deeply emotional Cancer moon. In short, I really like horoscopes and although I don’t necessarily understand every part of them, every birth chart I have ever read has been scarily accurate. So 10 years ago, when I decided to adopt my beautiful, sensitive Shar-Pei Lola – I knew that looking into her own astrological details would be important in understanding our compatibility. Sounds crazy? It might have been, but it worked out so well that I have absolutely zero regrets.

Lola was born on Nov. 11 making her a Scorpio, meaning she would be just a bit complex, deeply responsible, loyal to a T, and passionate about being fully herself, all qualities that would connect to a Libra’s love of truth and authenticity. Although Scorpios and Libras are said to be a difficult pairing, I knew that Lola’s seriousness would ground me – a peppy, hyperactive dog just wasn’t for me. Lola’s Scorpio personality made me stop and smell the roses (her favorite hobby? Just stretching in the sun), enjoy time being present and meditative, and understand that seriousness isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Although not everyone comprehended Lola’s unique personality right off the bat – she restricted herself from jumping on couches or beds (even when we wanted her to) and tended to act more like a guard dog than a quintessentially “fun” dog – her innately-earnest nature made her the perfect dog for me.

Apart from Lola’s infamous star sign (I stand by the fact that Scorpios just get a bad rep – they are strong-willed and awesome), her moon sign is in Taurus, making her sentimental, deeply loyal to those she loves, and practical. With my moon sign in Cancer, I knew there would be a “click” between us when it came to emotional connection, whether that meant just feeling a sense of belonging when petting her, or flowing into a similar rhythm at home. And then there’s her boundless loyalty (she’d sit by the door all day in case an intruder came along (i.e. the mailman)), and her sentimental side (she’d turn her head away when we left the house, not even able to watch us go). The practicality quickly showed through too: As soon as we adopted her, Lola went to the backyard by herself and did all her necessities, somehow knowing that was where she was meant to go. Lola’s Taurus moon is all about profoundness, emotional deepness, and a sense of loyalty that taught this erratic Cancer moon more than I could ever imagine.

Other parts of Lola’s birth chart revealed qualities I knew I wanted in a dog: Mercury in Sagittarius, meaning expansive intelligence and surefire independence, and Venus in Sagittarius too, which meant even more emotional independence. I always wanted to deeply care for and nurture my pet, but it was also important to have a dog that would also enjoy their own space and me-time. This quickly resulted in time spent in each of our respective beds, napping or just contemplating, then joining for a game of fetch or a cuddle session. It truly was written in the stars that Lola would be my companion, giving me deep strength and stability every single day.

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