8 Inspiring Women to Follow on Instagram

International Women’s Day is just around the corner and we love this time of year, because it reminds us to to celebrate the women that inspire us.

For many of us, our thoughts might go to the women in our immediate circle — our besties, our mums, our mentors — as the women that inspire us in the deepest of ways, but what about the women we don’t know?

The women that pop up on our newsfeeds, documenting their lives, being real, talking about uncomfortable and taboo topics — are more inspiring than we probably even realise.

Like, when you’re having an insecure body day and you see a photo of a curve model absolutely slaying their latest shoot. Or sharing a photo of their stretch marks and talking about them.

And what about those days where you really don’t feel like exercising, but then you see your fave fitness influencer making it seem much more accessible — and looking cute in leisurewear — and you think “ok, I’ll get myself up and go to Pilates”.

Those women, the ones we often don’t know personally, but feel like we do, who are generous with their stories, their lives and their transparency, that give us small moments of virtual motivation — they matter. You can never have too many inspirational women on your ‘gram.

The POPSUGAR Australia team came together and shared the handles of women that inspire them on Instagram. If you’re looking for some more trailblazing female energy on your newsfeed, we suggest you give the following eight women a follow.

Sage Mellet, @sageybabey

Model, singer, content creator, marketing mogul at Conserving Beauty — Sage Mellet is an all-round Gen Z It Girl.

She sings in Melbourne-based band Approachable Members and is a champion of sustainable skincare, so, what’s not to love?

If you’re looking for constant outfit inspo, beauty how-to’s and gorge musician babes — Sage is your gal. Her brother is also Troy Sivan, so talent runs in the fam.

Rosheen Kaul,  @rosheen_

Head chef at Etta, author and recipe columnist at some of the nation’s most widely read mastheads, Rosheen is force to be reckoned with.

In a vastly male-dominated industry, Rosheen continues to break down barriers, celebrating her cultural heritage on a macro-scale, with her online presence and delicious dishes.

If you’re looking for food porn/inspiration, innovative recipes, and top tier dining recommendations, you must chuck her a follow.

Natalee Barnett, @nataleebarnett_

Natalee Barnett is a fitness influencer and the only one who our gaming producer, Alana Young, hasn’t unfollowed for posting bullshit advice or sickly sweet affirmations. Instead, she’s all about making the gym fun and helping people overcome their anxiety about working out.

According to Young, she’s been doing a series where she wears crazy clothes to the gym or takes a nap in an empty corner to prove that nobody cares what you do or laughs if you mess up.

“It’s the kind of content I wanted to see when I was a shy gym virgin,” Young says. “Even though I’m not anxious about that anymore, I still love watching her videos because she’s so strong and confident, even if she fails a set.”

Jacqui Kingswell, @jacquikingswell

Sometimes, you need to follow someone who will help you be the best you, says senior producer at Thrillist, Natash Bazika.

For her, that person is Jacqui Kingswell.

“She founded The Pilates Class, but on her personal page, she shares workouts, recipes, and her travels. Her style is impeccable, and her energy is infectious,” says Bazika.

“Her pilates videos kept me sane when I was recovering from ankle surgery. If you need help with motivation, I suggest giving Jacqui a follow.”

Nicole Oliveria, @nicoleoliveria

When I think of the intersection between cultural heritage and fashion, Nicole immediately springs to mind, VMD grad, Angeline Barion.

“As a second generation immigrant like her, she inspires me to unashamedly create connections between the art/music/jewellery that I make and my Filipino roots,” Barion tells POPSUGAR Australia.

“Her story is similar to many experienced by young people born into immigrant households where we feel disconnected from our parent’s cultural backgrounds and national identity of where we were born,” she continues.

“But through her clothing, she dissects the struggles of those narratives and makes pieces that reflect acceptance, discovery and feeling lost.”

Eva Chen, @evachen212

“I love the way Eva is so relaxed in her approach to Instagram,” our publisher, Amanda Bardas, tells POPSUGAR Australia.

“She shares everything about her day, without worrying about perfection and curation.”

It’s a truly unfiltered look at what life is like in NYC while juggling three kids and a big job at Instagram, says Bardas.

“One minute she’ll share a selfie at the Met Gala or a new pair of Chanel sandals, and the next she’s showing what a normal day-in-the-life looks like when she’s working from home with her kids or at work with her team at Instagram.”

Maria Thattil, @mariathattil

From her reign as Miss Universe Australia 2020 to her current influencer era, Maria Thattil inspires young women of colour to create discourse and open conversation about uncomfortable and seemingly taboo topics.

Having recently come out with her book, “Unbounded, Manifesting a Life Without Limits” and also coming out in a WLW relationship, Thattil continues the push the message that being yourself is hot. It’s a message that never gets old and always has a place on our Instagram feeds.

Yan Yan Chan, @_yanyanchan

Beyond the surface level of an “aesthetic” and “glamorous” Instagram page, Yan Yan Chan inspires our Vertical content producer, Bernice Corral, to pursue her passions in fashion, art and creative direction.

“These are three seemingly “less-traditional” career paths, especially for those who stem from Asian households,” Corral tells POPSUGAR Australia.

“Through her, I see myself as being welcomed as a woman of colour into these white-dominated spaces, and feel that finally, her, myself, and those who “look like us” have a seat at the table.”

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