Get Noticed By Your Crush With These Sexy, Funny and Inspirational Instagram Notes

Instagram has introduced its new Notes feature, and all we’re seeing is an opportunity to get noticed.

Announced back in September, Instagram’s Notes feature has this week landed in Australia, and will automatically appear in the Instagram Direct Message section of the app — if you have the latest version.

The feature lets you share a message under 60 characters that’ll display for 24 hours and only be visible to your followers.

TikTok users have had mixed reviews of the feature, with many questioning its purpose. Separate from your DMs and your IG stories; it’s more like a Facebook status than anything else. It’s a “What’s on your mind?” Instagram-style.

While it seems that many people are a little unsure about what they’d use the feature for, others are jumping on board and saying that they’re “excited” for this new feature and are getting “MySpace and Twitter vibes”. Others are pointing out that it’s a great way to get noticed by someone you like without having to directly message them. In other words, it’s giving Facebook pokes energy.

So, what can you write for your Instagram Note?

It’s designed to capture your mood for the day, so write something that you want people to respond to. It could be anything from flirtatious, to raw and honest, to an opinion on something newsworthy.

Below, we’ve pulled together some ideas for what to write on your Instagram Notes, to get noticed by social media babes you’re wanting to attract.

Sexy Instagram Notes

Do you know what’d look good on you? Me.

I miss you like an idiot misses the point.

A nightmare dressed like a daydream.

50% Savage. 50% Sweetness.

Don’t forget to play.

Yes I’m a little dangerous.

Unseen bits.

I’m so into you.

Subscribe to my OnlyFans. Link in bio.

Funny Instagram Notes

Why fall in love when you can fall asleep?

Life happens, coffee helps.

Instagram notes feel like tweets I’m forced to read.

More issues than Vogue.

I got 99 problems but a bad angle ain’t one.

I’m just a girl standing in front of a camera asking if this is Instagram-worthy?

I call this hairstyle “I tried.”

This feature gives me the ick.

I’ll be just fine pretending I’m not.

Inspirational Instagram Notes

Self love isn’t selfish!

You are your choices.

I decide my vibe.

Smile, it confuses people.

Perfect is an illusion.

Too glam to give a damn.

Blessed mess.

I am my own biggest crush.

Friends make this world beautiful.

Museum of moments.

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